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Angelo Suavay Walker

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Feb 15, 2005 – Jul 5, 2020 (Age 15)


February 15, 2005
July 5, 2020
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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Beckett-Brown & Hodges Funeral Home - Philadelphia Obituary


LoLo, Born Angelo Suavay Walker, was born on February 15th, 2005. Angelo was brought onto this earth as a gift to father (Anthony Walker) and mother (Sherell Walker). Awaiting his arrival were his siblings Kareem, Aquil, Basir, Sherell, Johnyae, Mckieya, Mikala, Aiviyon, Veontay and Anthony JR. Angelo, named after his late uncle, was full of life. Angelo is off with the angels to meet with older sister Johntay, grandparents ( Veronda, Dwight and Anthony). Great grandparents ( Flora and William), Great great grandmother (Madeline Williams) and so much other family.
Angelo, now an angel still looks over us and protects us. Angelo has become a protective angel for grandmother (Rose), siblings,aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and a host of cousins, family and friends.
Angelo has touched so many hearts in such a short period of time. Angelo went by many names all full of love. LoLo from family, Rooski from football team and classmates, to One Way Lo from bike riding. 
Angelo had a personality anyone could warm up to. His presence always brings peace, joy, love and laughter with smiles. Angelo loved his family deeper than the ocean itself and it showed. His outspoken attitude had you falling over laughing or holding your mouth with your hand. LoLo was very adventurous and motivated.He had big dreams and was doing his best to reach them.
                           From Dad
My Son
To my son,
I Love you so ,
you are so special, I hope you know.
With everyday that passes by,
You're more the twinkle in my eyes.
So loving , so giving , a heart of gold 
Always my Baby Boy
Even when I'm old.
Your love shines through for all to see,
 I feel so proud you are a part of me.
                             From Mom
They say there's nothing like a mother's love.
 I say there's nothing like your child's hug, 
To hold you in my arms and smell your scent is something I will never forget. 
The beat of your heart has its own song,
 Your laughter and smile is something that I will always long for,
 Our bond and love is only something we could understand.
 A mother and son bond till the end.
                               From Quavay
They say there is no sunshine without rain,
well there is no you without me. 
Our love is different Lo,
 We have been protecting each other from birth.
 We did everything together from crying to fighting,
 learning how to walk and talk.
 It's still not enough.
 I know I am selfish but I want to hear at least one more joke, 
have one more roast session.
 I just want to hear you say "yo yo bro" one more time. 
You will never be forgotten Bro,
                                        From Rell-Rell
To say I love you will never be enough. 
To just want to hold you am I asking for too much, 
I close my eyes and I see you baby boy. 
My baby brother with a smart mouth but brings me so much joy 
with every tear I can hear you say don't cry
 when I look in the sky I don't ask why
 because when an Angel get their wings it's time to fly 
                                           From Big Basir
Words can't explain how I feel right now.
 I know we are not blood brother's but the nine years I have been with this family we became a family.
 I remember when I got you and Qua yall first xbox.
 Yall excitement made me happy.
 Everytime I see you the first thing you would say is "hey big Basir" 
I will miss hearing you say that meanwhile these three words are stuck in my head.
 I love you forever Bro until we meet again.
                                     From Ivy
I will love you forever Angelo,
 I will live for you and I know you're living through me.
 I'm gonna miss you calling me asking me to fix your pants or to make you a cream for your face,
 I will never stop loving you and you will never be forgotten
 please watch over all of us. 
                                     From Salif
I love you. 
you were protective and I will take care of your sister, I wont dissapoint you. 
Sorry I never got to take you out shopping like you wanted but we got to do so many different things together that I will never forget. 
I love you for life my little brother.
                                From VeVe
I miss you everyday 
life isn't the same without you baby boy but until we meet again
 I love you malolo watch over me. 
                                      From Janiah
I don't think no one will understand the way I felt about you, you call I come running you tell me you need something im on it ASAP I was trying to protect you and you was trying to protect me I'm broken mentally, physically and emotionally one last hug one last kiss one last I love you. Where will I ever find that again we were Bonnie and Clyde you were rocking and I was rolling you hit with your left I hit with my right. My heart will forever belong to you. May God rest your soul and bring our hearts together until we meet again my love.
I love you
Angelo as mommy would say Manolo was a very special child he showed soo much love with his grandparents, his uncle D, his aunt Sharon, his other aunt Star, his cousin Tree and so many more of the older ones in his family always making sure that they were okay always happy to put his time in with them Angelo even wore Halloween costumes for his nanny til her last day no matter how much he grew up he was always their baby with them.  I say this to you all to let you know that mommy’s Manolo took pride in being there for the older ones even in his neighborhood and throughout.  Long live Lolo
Respect the Elders.

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