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I first meet ben 1965 I was in preschool in hayward ca. His daughter was in the same class. I was 4 yrs old. He came to pick up his daughter one day. I remember him like it was yesterday. He was the biggest guy i ever seen .
I remember talking to him that day. He was a gentle giant. He went outside for a moment. came back in to the preschool with his football shoulderpads. Ben put his shoulderpads on my shoulders. I will always remember that moment in time. God bless u ben.

My dad George Alexander, was a big wig at Kaiser Aluminum and used to
hang out with your dad, Ben at the Cactus Room for years. Many raider team mates used to do that and still do. My dad passed in 76 and next time I'm in
Oakland I have to get down there and have a pop and remember your father, my dad and the boys. Dad said Ben was the nicest person he ever met. Sorry your dad is gone, but never forgotten, I know that.

I'm saddened that I never had the opportunity to meet Ben personally, unless he ever went to the family reunion on the lake. My father was Ray Davidson. As with those of our family that have gone before us, we are Davidsons we are strong. Just don't tell any one we have a heart of gold and love like no other. Looks like you lived up to our name for we are cousins. Kathy and family I tried to get in touch long ago but seemed extremely difficult for me. They just don't let anyone have...

Dearest Kathy, Vickie and big sisters,
I am so sorry for you all and I apologize that I heard so late of your dad's and husband's passing. You are all so special and such a great family. I hope and pray for you
and I am sending my sincere sympathies.
Much love, Helen McNutt Gentile

Can't believe it's been a year...You are missed deeply.

Kathy, Jan, Dana & Vicky,
My sincere condolences. I just now happened across Ben's notice of passing. I will remember him fondly as a huge presence and a kind and gentle neighbor. I used to live down the street from you in Pleasanton on Neal. I babysat for the girls when they were young. My younger brother Greg was always up at the the house playing with the girls... it was like a sports museum of sorts! I remember a time when my brother came home with one of Ben's autographed...

Ben, I'm sure a lot of your fans will remember
your surprise role as the doorman/bouncer in Behind the Green Door. Never got close enough to get your autograph but Marilyn's I did. Rod Umino

got a chance to meet Ben in Las Vegas he was a nice guy and enjoyed talking about the home town once a Mule always a Mule god bless you Ben.

Dear Janella Davidson--
I'm your roommate Martin from 678 Haight Street.
I'm so so very sorry for your loss.


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