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PS 165M, Jan, 1948 (Ben at top, left)

At last. Did Benjamin attend PS 165 on West 109th St. in Manhattan? I was his friend and classmate. He could hit "two sewers" in stickball.
Herbert S. Gardner

I was shocked to hear about one of my deceased husband's oldest and dearest friend, Benjamin Demps. Harry Mason and "Sonny" (as they were both called)grew up in Harlem, N.Y. Harry passed on June 15, 2012 age 78. I had often thought if Benjamin knew about his old friend "crossinf over" and that's what prompt me to search for info. about Benjamin I will always have such fond memories of his warm hospitality during our stay with him at his home in Oklahoma,1981.

Jesus Christ gave his life for mankind to have everlasting life. All his promises are true.

I only learned of Ben's passing today and immediately looked for some way to reach out to you to let you know that I have prayed for you and your family. I only worked with Ben from a distance when he was Director. He was talented and insightful. Please know of my prayers for you and all of his family.

Ben Demps was an unusual management and public servant talent that as a new Governor I was fortunate to discover. We recruited him from his Euorpeon post to return to Oklahoma to run Oklahoma's largest and most complicated agency frought with challenges. He performed this job with good humor and a distinguished aire that had all of us act more professionally when he was around. Pat and his daughters were lovely and brilliant and also became part of our team. What a marvelously varied life...

I remember "Mr. Demps" from my earliest days at ZNY. Will always remember and be grateful for his encouragement. His example guided me throughout my career.

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BENJAMIN's Obituary

Jan 5, 1934 - Jan 12, 2013 PORT CHARLOTTE, FL Benjamin "Sonny" Demps Jr., of Port Charlotte, FL, died on January 12, 2013, age 79. He was born in Harlem, NY on January 5, 1934, to Benjamin and Hazel Demps and had four sisters. He served in the U.S. Air Force; was an air traffic...

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