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Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women worldwide, and a leading cause of death among women in developed countries. Around the world each year, 1.5 million women and men are diagnosed with breast cancer, and hundreds of thousands die. This special Guest Book is dedicated to all who have died of breast cancer.

We invite you to visit and sign the Guest Book to remember and celebrate loved ones who lived with breast cancer. Share the story of a loved one who battled breast cancer. Add a favorite photo to the gallery. Light a pink candle in memory of someone who died.

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In loving memory of my mother,
"Elvis" Carole Lynn Hicks-Rogers
Diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer
October 2016 Stage 4 in Nov/Dec 16
Was a tough battle of just 8 months
Seemed so much longer. Was so unexpected and nothing like you hear or see in movies.
Inflammatory Breast Cancer is so rare and deadly. Accounts for less than 3-5% of all cases. Avg life expectancy of healthy person is 15-22 months. Took my mother by...

In love and memory of a kind and remarkable wife, mother and person who we will miss dearly.

Tim and @Emily Harrington

In loving memory of Bonnie Tindall McMurry. May she rest in Peace and Joy!

Rest in peace

While words fail to capture the pain of losing a loved one, we look forward to the time when words will fail to capture the joy of having our heavenly Father return your dear one to you

Kathy McFadden Streshly

Kathy McFadden (Streshly)
Died way too young. Fought the fight.
A Salon owner, hairstylist and Mother!
She is with God
She is not in pain anymore
Rest in peace

Cancer has taken many lives. However, it has not and will not win. The world is evolving into a new era with research, trials, tests and HOPE! Cancer the world says goodbye you have lost the fight!!

In loving memory of Sophia Cranshaw. 10/24/16.