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Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women worldwide, and a leading cause of death among women in developed countries. Around the world each year, 1.5 million women and men are diagnosed with breast cancer, and hundreds of thousands die. This special Guest Book is dedicated to all who have died of breast cancer.

We invite you to visit and sign the Guest Book to remember and celebrate loved ones who lived with breast cancer. Share the story of a loved one who battled breast cancer. Add a favorite photo to the gallery. Light a pink candle in memory of someone who died.

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Breast cancer took my HUSBAND Brock, September 16, 2004... Two month later Brock's mother died from breast cancer.. His mother was never told she could pass breast cancer on to her sons. More needs to be done to let people know MEN GET BREAST CANCER, TOO and breast cancer CAN be passed on to the MEN in your family. Breast cancer is NOT just a woman's disease... AND yes, I AM a breast cancer survivor..

Breast cancer took my mom 3 days after my 22nd birthday.

Breast cancer took my grandma from me. I remember going back and forth to the hospital just waiting to see her. When I found out I cried because I didn't want my grandma to die. She said to me Im never gonna leave you. She also said I'm going to be at your college graduation and every thing . I really miss her but I have to stay strong not only for her but for every body. I know I'm my heart she won the battle.

Marilyn DENISE Williams
May 2018

Rest In Peace Regina "Reg" Poppell Brewster, just so saddened to now discover you passed away. You were a wonderful x sister in law, an amazing lady. My heart goes out to all your family who were so wonderful to me.

May she be loved, May she be healed, may she be free from pain. With loving memory, we give you, Lord, our Kris, our mom, our Gammy. Keep us strong in our faith knowing we will see her again. We miss you. Love, Ben, Kaitlyn, Elle & your newest, Ava.

I pray for the strength and courage to keep going with this disease until it takes me and I pray for all the beautiful courageous souls who walked before me with this illness.