Brian Schueler Cooke

Indianapolis, Indiana

1981 - 2016


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Brian Schueler Cooke35, of Bloomington, IN, passed away on his home on Saturday, June 18. He was born February 2, 1981 in Indianapolis and is the son of Terri Schueler Cooke and Will Cooke.  He graduated from Carmel High School and Herron School of Art and Design. Brian put his artistic skills...

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I miss you.

I wrote this the day before we held your memorial service. I wanted to read it at your memorial, but I couldn't gather the strength to do it then, so I am posting this now because I don't want to keep it just to myself anymore. This is a love letter from me to you.

My Dearest Little Bee,

I have so many wonderful memories with you. So many memories...far too many to count. You are my partner in crime, my twin soul flame, my very best friend. There's no other way to...


It took a while for these words to boil over in me. I've been keeping them to myself, but I thought it would be good to share them here. I wish I could have said this before, but better late than never.

From the beginning, you showed me what real friendship looks like. You saw a sad, quiet, socially awkward kid who most people stayed away from and not only accepted him, but sought out his friendship. You ignored my demons and saw the best in me. You did the...

The day we got engaged. :)

Little Tee and Little Bee


Kelley and I were extremely sad to hear of Brian's passing. Our memories are of our sons being born the same year and sharing our experiences as they grew up. We'll also remember yours and Brian's courage with his childhood illness. Our thoughts are with you and Emily at this sad time.

Brian will be remembered by many as a king of writing. I saw his work everywhere in Indianapolis and still do. He was a giant to those of us who recognized his work, managing to leave a mark on every part of town; as well as other cities. His passion and dedication far outpaced his peers. We shared only a few fond memories. One I will always remember is sitting on the roof at the old Herron museum building late into the night. Other memories involve painting with him in forgotten places...

R.I.P Brian
miss you brother. i will do a wall for you here in Copenhagen(Denmark)
and hope to do one up in heaven with you when i am going to see you up there brother.

Dennis Bttern.

I am saddened to hear of Brian's passing. I know that Sam would also share this grief as he respected you as a teacher and as a friend and co-worker. My heart hurts for you. Prayers are being offered that you will find peace in beautiful memories.

Hard to know what to write, here, but thoughts over the past few days have lended this: I have known so few people who have known and understood me as well as Brian. I was walking to the store last night with tears when I found a guitar someone had given up on. I felt like it was a sort of message or present from you. I gave it away already, as a simple act of generosity I know you would have endorsed. I will miss your sense of humor the most; surely the world seemed less bleak every...