Coretta Scott King


A woman of strength, courage and valor. A woman of grace, virtue and determination. A woman whose voice championed the weak and downtrodden. A woman whose calling was that of hope and healing. A helpmate and leader. A stalwart and victor. God's gift, God's servant, elegant, intelligent, talented...

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Your memory alone is soo inspiring to me! Especially coming from a time when we all were much differnt with each other. Your perseverance always and forever...Amen

You have guided the way for black woman in the world today making the true definition of a strong black woman in this cold world you have led you husband legacy since 1968 and continued to succeed in making his wisies and dreams stay alive you where a wonderful woman and always will be may you rest in glorified heaven you and your husband haved changed lives for us to be successful in who we truly are despite our race thank you thank you and thank you

Thank you Ms. King....for being the great woman and wife that you were to all citizens and your husband. You both together made a dream come true..i wish your husband was still alive to see his dream come true. Equal rights to all n white


Coretta Scott King was a woman of incomparable strength and humility!

REST in Peace, Mrs. Coretta Scott King, you were and you still is an inspiritation to me. I Think of you and Dr.King often.

For a women who soul and spirit lives on in all of us that knows what the struggle is really all about.. Hopefully the new generation will wake up and watch whom they decide to vote for to be president of the united stated 2016"

Always in my heart, mind and soul! Aspiring everyday to be as great as you were.