Damian Meehan

Glen Rock, New Jersey


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Everything Is Family
This summer, Damian Meehan celebrated a milestone best appreciated by other rookie golfers struggling for some semblance of par: he finally broke 100. And his foursome included three of his six brothers, so the feat did not pass unverified. Several brotherly beers were shared that day, recalled his brother Michael. The Meehan boys had played Gaelic football since childhood, but recently five of them took up golf and made a habit of getting away for a weekly game, followed by a nice dinner and animated reminiscences.

Mr. Meehan, 32, was the baby of the brothers. As they grew up in the Inwood neighborhood of Manhattan, they bossed him unmercifully, but he took it in stride. Last year the brothers pitched in and completely renovated the house he shared in Glen Rock, N.J., with his wife, Joanne, and their 18-month-old son. Another baby is on the way.

In a family of police officers and firefighters, he was the quiet and serious brother, the only one of his nine siblings to wind up on Wall Street. He was an up-and-coming trader at Carr Futures, and he loved his job all the more, said his brother Michael, because so many of his bosses and co-workers were from the old neighborhood. "Everything with us," he said, "is family."

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Its hard to believe its 17 years - I can remember your smile and great humour as if it was yesterday.

As I struggle to tell my girl of 11 what that day and the days that followed and the terrible harm that was done that day I keep coming back to the loss of such fine people like you. It never did and never will make sense.

I remember the class that you always eluded, be that on the football field or off, and it always brings a tear to my eye. With you watching over...

In Memory
With Honor & Respect.

Dear Peg and the Meehan Family, From Inwood, to the FGF and now Arlington, we send prayers for peace and strength for you all. Mary, Julie, Pat and Eugene Kearon

Remembering Damien on this sad day! Thoughts with all family and friends

I have lived next to the [email protected] four green fields,the irish bungalow colony in ulster county for years.I saw him grow from childhood to manhood.the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.his parents r the best.irelands loss, americas gain.his family has shown tremendous faith,class,strength.im sure his children will know Wat a great man he was.cu chulainn the great irish warrior said: Wat do I care if I live one day as long as my deeds live forever.Damians life was way too short but his...

RIP Damien! Thinking of you and your family!

Did not get to know Damian, or meet all of the Meehan prodigy. Our dearest memories are of Mike & Peg and happier times. Looking at Damian's picture provokes a vivid resemblance and remembrance of Michael O'Meehan as well. Our sympathies and love to all of the Meehans.

We continue to pray for Damian, his entire family and all those who perished on September 11th.

The Brosnan Family

I went to good shepherd school with all the meehans, I remember damiens smile the best, it truly was contagious. I just found out today, about Paul passing away recently, as well, God bless you both in heaven....