David Trampier

Carbondale, Illinois

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Not sure what to say?

While never having met you I sure knew of you from your work. I believe it was an Egyptian saying that a man never really dies when his name is spoken and remembered.

David's work has touched the lives of so many in the gaming community that he does live on in the hearts of many.

David, thank you so much for what you gave us all. Like so many others, your drawings helped define not only my childhood but my appreciation for art as well. Hours upon hours spent staring at your illustration on the back of the DM's screen has forever embedded those images in my brain and soul. I still find your art the most evocative, the most powerful and the most creative of all the 'game art' that has come since. And in fact, your art has always transcended genre and just been plain...

Dave, your art added joy to some of the best times of my life. "Wormy," the TITAN counters, those countless illustrations in the D&D manuals -- all are wonderful, and I am sad that you are no longer with us.

Thanks, and rest well.

David Trampier was a huge influence on me as an young artist in the 80s and continues to be as I write this message at the age of 46. I can't tell you how often I dig into my old D&D archives to figure out how DAT would draw it--people, trees, water, fur, clouds, stone, etc. He defined an entire imaginary world and I introduce my students to his work every semester. My condolences to family, friends, and fans.

He was a great talent. My brother and friends and I used to comb the early D&D books comparing art from DIS and DAT (I imagine they thought it was quite the joke). I had no idea that he was also the brilliant mind behind Wormy. Wormy and Phil and Dixie were my favorite thing about Dragon magazine. I wish he were still here, illustrating my imagination.

Ah, thank you for your interesting, wise and comforting words, Reifyn. And Dave, my little bro, you already know I thought of you so many times yesterday, and sent wishes and nostalgic thoughts & smiles your way. I should have written here too. Knowing you had begun to look favorably upon, and actually were working on more of your art; I feel in one way better and in another, sadder at your leaving this earth. Especially so early. And especially just then.
But Reifyn is right. Tho...

Well here I am again another year has moved along, and David's Birthday is here. I was going to go to Carbondale and meet a sculptor there who was also a fan of DAT with a view toward making a statue memorial, but was informed he moved back to NY. But for my part I continue to be influenced by Tramp's work and am now making my own comics, and so have been studying Dave's amazing lettering technique on WORMY. I don't really think that WORMY was left unfinished like some folk feel: it has an...

There's really nothing more to be said. Thank you for sharing your gift and may you rest in peace.

Thanks, Dave for bringing our imaginations to life in you pages. You were always my favorite part of Dragaon magazine, and Wormy showed a complexity, intelligence, subtlety, and independence that I have no doubt reflected yours. Thanks so much.


David's Obituary

CARBONDALE -- David Trampier, 59, died at 10:58 a.m. Monday, March 24, 2014, in Helia Healthcare.Arrangements are incomplete at Walker Funeral Home in Carbondale. This obituary was originally published in TheSouthern.