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I have just seen the story of Captain Denny's heroism through Natgeo, but I never feel too late to admit at the same time admire the action of Capt Denny and Crew in DC 232, really God gives an example of courage and responsibility through Capt Denny and Team, Capt, our prayers are always with you (Usman Ginoga- Batam-Indonesia)

Such a lovely, friendly face and a heart full of love and service for others. His family can be so proud of how many lives he helped save in his day-to-day work and on that day in Sioux City. May God grant me a fraction of the demonstrable goodness in my life that Denny showed in his.

Dear Captain Denny

Someday I will soar
Where only eagles dare to fly.
My wings will span great distances
In a clear blue azure sky.
So high above this worldly place
That Heaven's doors I'll see.
And angel voices will start to carry me
Through Skies ringing with sweet melody.
For God has promised us this day
If His name we will revere.
And I hold this promise in my heart
As I mount up With wings that shall have no fear.

You are a true hero sir, your actions are very inspirational definitely for me.I saw the documentary and your determination to save everyone on board and the way you regretted saying "112 died behind me,I wanted to save them all" was very emotional.I believe all survivors owe a lot to all four of you but brave and best cockpit management you guys taught the aviation industry ,pilots and aspirants remains your best service . God bless your soul.

I am sorry that I never met Captain Fitch. He is a Hero in every sense of the word. Thank God he was on flight 232 and was able to save many lives. As an Instructor on the DC-10, I know that he did exactly the right thing under unbelieveably horrible circumstanes. God bless you Captain Fitch ~ Captain Nancy Aldrich

It's been almost six years since Captain Denny Fitch passed away but his story and life is still inspiring.
God Bless!

I've just read that Denny Fitch pased away, very sad. He was a real hero. May he rest in piece.

Dear Denny...I flew out of DEN at the same time as you, also on a DC10, but in the opposite direction. i have known for the past 28 yrs how your knowledge and helpfulness saved so many lives that tragic day in SUX. I didn't know your name, however, til I learned it today from your friend Carl Hankwitz. I met Capt. Haynes at an OSH air show a few yrs later. I'm sorry I never got to meet you too. Perhaps we walked past each other in DEN that day. Perhaps we were seated near each other at...

May you rest peacefully Denny! You are a hero! I lived just minute's away from the crash site in Sioux City, IA and will never forget the day the plane crashed. So happy you were on board, you saved so many lives. You are loved and missed.


DENNIS's Obituary

Dennis E. "Denny" Fitch Sr., 69, of St. Charles, IL is survived by his wife, Rosa Rannels Fitch; his three children Amy Fitch Sandy of Middleton, WI, Dennis Fitch, Jr. of Scandia, MN, Brian M. Fitch of Denver, CO; and his two stepdaughters, Angelique Cullen Ketzback of Evanston, IL,...

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