Don Ho


HONOLULU (AP) - Legendary crooner Don Ho, known for his raspberry-tinted sunglasses and catchy signature tune "Tiny Bubbles," has died, his publicist said Saturday. He was 76.

Publicist Donna Jung confirmed the singer's death, but had no details. He had suffered with heart problems for the past several years.

Ho had a pacemaker installed last fall and also underwent an experimental stem cell procedure on his ailing heart in Thailand in 2005.
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My brother in law is from Guam. My sister and he met in the military. When they were discharged they arrived in AZ with a collection of Don Ho music. I was quite young and got hook with Tiny Bubbles and my kids sang it when they were little. Being a preschool teacher, I introduced my students to Don Ho and Hawaii. It became a favorite unit with the kids and their families. As adults they still mention how much fun it was. I got phone calls when he passed away, to them it was someone...

Hawaii will never be the same without you "

Thank you for sharing a part of your life with us.

Rest Don, until you hear at dawn,
the low, clear reveille of God.

Thank you for your service to this nation.

I miss you doh ho

I saw Don Ho in 1967 at the International Market Place at Duke Konomoka's dinner and show restaurant, got a picture of him going for the 'kill' there, kissing me at the piano, Herb Albert (the Tia Juana Taxi) guy was in the audience. whoop whoop

I was in Hawaii in the 1970's am so happy I was able to hear him sing his show was.something I won't forget

I remember
Being a kid my Auntie took my sisters and I to see Don ho. I'm now 51 it was wounderful to see him in person my father is passed on and from Hawaii. I'm Hawaiian as well
I'm from California

I saw Don twice, once on my way to Vietnam and again 35 years later with my wife. A wonderful entertainer and patriot.

I will always remember you. I saw you twice in Hawaii, and in California (Bay Area).You put a smile on my face