Eli Chalouh

New York, New York


New York, New York


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Multilingual and Multinice
Fluent in Arabic, Hebrew and English, Eli Chalouh, 23, moved easily among the diverse communities to which his languages gave him access. He spoke Arabic at home, of course: he moved here with his family from Damascus, Syria, when he was 14.

At his new job at the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance, in the World Trade Center, he spoke Arabic with his Egyptian colleagues, who got a kick out of him. Mr. Chalouh was not Muslim; he was a Syrian Jew, who learned Hebrew at the yeshiva he attended in Brooklyn.

America was the country he wanted to wrap his future around. He was always in a rush, determined to cram every moment with English studies and other courses: he was so disciplined that he allotted himself only 15 minutes of television at night.

His efforts were beginning to pay off. He had just graduated with near-perfect grades from Long Island University, a member of the honor society and voted by the faculty the most outstanding accounting student of 2001.

Industrious, yes, but enormously sunny and engaging, as well. "Whatever you asked him he would do, and whatever you wouldn't ask, he would volunteer to do," said a supervisor at work, Eddie Jaeger. "He was an unbelievably nice kid."

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It is so horribly sad that the world lost this brilliant, nice man at such an early age. I pause today to reflect on my own life and how little I have done compared to Eli. I pause today to pray for Eli's family and friends, I ask God to give them a special kind of encouragement today as we remember him.

I don’t have a lot to say. I didn’t get to meet you but you are part of my family and I do cry whenever I see your name. We all miss you

Our thoughts of deep sympathy we send to your family. Eli is still very sadly missed and is not forgotten. May the time finally come when these violent acts that cause so much pain and heartache are forever ended.

Eli was my uncle. I never got to seehim or meet him. I see his picture every day. I always look up to him. If only I can see.him in real life.

he is my second cousin i always wanted to meet him but i never got an answer rest in peace Eli i will miss you

We will never forget you your light shine on us for ever and ever until we meet

I received a seedling in your memory today. I will plant it and nurture it to honor you and your family.

Dearest Eli - It's hard to believe that you've been gone for 12 years now. Rest in peace and watch over all of us.

To Eli's family and friends,
You do not know us..but yesterday we found Eli's balloon floating near the site of the World Trade Centers and I felt compelled to write.
We were visiting Carlo's Bakery in Hoboken yesterday for my daughters birthday...finished early when the kids decided they wanted to tour NYC in the time we had left. Being aware that it was 9/11 I was cautious to steer clear of the 'Ground Zero' site as I was concerned about crowds. We got lost and just started...