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If there was ever an award of overall Best Supporting Actor for all time, it would be Eli's role in G,B and Ugly. It was a classic and will never be equaled!

He graduated from the University of Texas, too.

I always wanted to meet him one day; I never got the chance.

Hook 'em, Mr Wallach and RIP.

Loved your role in the Good,The Bad and The Ugly. Rest in Peace

Just watched " Baby " Doll, good flick. U & Clint Eastwood made
A great pair in his Western's , " Hey, Blondie " !
A Fan. Sue Willard GR. Rapids, Mich.

Eli wallach, Tuco, was ,and still is, my all time favourite actor. His role as the ugly captivate me as a child and still colour my imagination as an adult today. I probably watch the movie twice a year.
Never met the men but if rumours are half true he was a great human being.
I am sad that he left us and I will light a candle every June 24th.
Rest in peace Tuco and remember:"there are two kind of people in the world my friend us.....and you !"

Contrast his roles in "Magnificent Seven" and "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" with "How to Steal a Million" -- he was so brilliant. But my favorite memory of him is an appearance on "The Tonight Show" about... I think 1969-1970. He talked about how excited his children were when it looked as though Calvera had won on "M7," and how bad he felt for them... though with humor, of course... when it turns out to have been a false victory. My...

I loved him best in "The Holiday" and watch that movie over and over again. Although a total stranger, I felt close to him because of the character he portrayed in the film. Please know that others loved him and are thinking of you at this time.

Eli Wallach was a acting legend. He will always be remembered for the outstanding roles he performed. No one could play the memorable characters like he did. Now it's time for him to rest. An Admirer of his talents


ELI's Obituaries

WALLACH--Eli. In 1992, Eli received the Lifetime Achievement Award for Performing Arts from the Guild Hall Academy of the Arts. He will be sorely missed. Ruth Appelhof, Executive Dir.; Roy Furman, President of the Academy; Martin Cohen, Chair

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