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Hey Boo, happy 36th birthday. We had your annual birthday/4th of July party today and most of the family and friends were here. Everybody had a good time and we talked about you and how much you enjoyed these parties. We all miss you so very much. Aidan and Julia talk about Aunt Beth often. Julia had a shirt on today that said "Cutie" on it and I thought of the first time you held her as a newborn and how you called her Cutie. I told Julia about it and she smiled. I know you would...

Merry Christmas, Bella. Hasn't felt much like Christmas since you left us. I know it's your favorite time of year so I have no doubt you are celebrating with your family today and watching Julia & Aidan opening their gifts.
I love and miss you so much. Keep schmilin down from heaven...
Ti amo
Always, ME

Hey Boo Boo, it's dad. Merry Christmas sweetie. I know this is your favorite time of year. Matt and mom and I miss your beautiful smiling face,especially this time of year. I miss the excitement in your eyes when you talked about what presents you were going to give, and how you always made a big fuss over each and every gift you received. You always made the person you were with feel special. I read Jay's note to you and it still amazes me how much of an impact you had on the lives of so...

Coach Hartman! Its been 6 years since you went home but there hasnt been a day where you haven't crossed my mind. When I am down, I just think of all the little talks we had about you telling me to keep my head up. You are and forever will be my biggest hero. I love you Coach Hartman and I always will. I know I will see you again! And im going to figure out a way to smuggle some cans of Coke past the gates of heaven just for you :)! Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family!

Hey Boo, its dad. I can't believe its been six years since you had to leave us. I really miss you sweetie. Whoever said it gets easier as time passes just couldn't have gone through losing their little girl. I know God wouldn't give us more than he knows we can handle, but he sure is testing my limits. I know I have so much to be thankful for, but at the risk of seeming ungrateful, I really wish I could just give you one more big hug.
Some days, it seems like just yesterday that you...

Love you and miss you so much sweet Bella... see you at the cliffs. Ti amo xoxo

Amazing day today, Bella. History has been made!!!! I so wish you were here to see it and celebrate. Love and miss you every single day... Ti amo. Always ME xoxo

HART.. We miss you so much. Rest easy, I love you.

You're playing DJ today... killing me. I secretly love it because I know it's you.
Thinking of you, as I do everyday... but overwhelmed today in every aspect of life. Loving and missing you... and hoping for more guidance from above. I love when I feel you around so please don't ever stop showing yourself. I will always need you.
I hope you will show up on July 22nd when I go to talk to you. Really need you. The days just seem to be flying by since you left and I've...


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