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Emil Anderson

Oceanside, California

Feb 15, 1922 – Apr 29, 2013


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Eternal Hills Cemetery & Mortuary Obituary

Emil Ingvold AndersonBorn on February 15, 1922 in Hammer, South Dakota.Mother: Agnes Christine BerglundFather: Martin Henry Anderson (Peterson)There were 9 children, listed below in age sequence from oldest to youngest:1. Melvin Arnold Anderson 2. Walford Anderson 3. Evelyn Anderson4. Emil...

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I loved Andy instantly! He always had a smile and kind word to say. He always thought of others before himself and was completely devoted to family. In the short years I knew Andy, he was a very special part of my life and I will never forget him.

Maggie Bell, Stepdaughter

"Saving the Baby Calf"
A momma calf was birthing a baby but was having a hard time and was screaming for help. Mom and I ran out to the barn and saw that the baby calf was turned the wrong way and would never come out that way. The momma cow cried begging for help. Mom and I got a gunny sac and wrapped it around the baby calf's legs that were coming out. Mom and I both turned the calf around and pulled the calf out safely. They not only saved the baby calf's life but also...

Grandpa was very emotional while telling this story.

When Clarence was an infant he had double pneumonia. His health became worse and worse and he was turning blue.
A doctor paid a visit to our home and said “There isn't anything we could do to save Baby Clarence, he is going to die.”
Mom wasn't going to let her baby die so she told me to go down to the kitchen and cut up some onions. Mom fried them up real hot and together they put them in an empty flour sac making...