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Eric Christopher NESS

Lancaster, New York

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Hi Honey, Happy Father's Day, I hope you had a nice day. We came to see you and brought you a beautiful basket of flowers, hoping that the deer don't decide to make it their dinner and that they will last awhile. I love you, I didn't see Dylan today, but I did text him and it sounds like Sara was keeping him pretty busy today. Mark and I got Bob a new hammock and a pair of shorts, Jenn got him a Timmy Ho's card and Kristin took him out to breakfast and got him a '#1 Grandpa' wallet, so he...

Hi honey, hope you're doing good. Mark is doing alot better, starting to walk on his own more and more. It is still pretty painful, hopefully that gets better as time goes on. Now that he's doing better, I'm not working from home full time anymore, back to my three days in the office/two days at home, so we are slowly getting back to normal. This weekend we are headed to NJ to see Mike and Rita and to finally take Dylan to New York City for his big birthday trip!! I love that kid so...

Buffalo News 04/21/18

Your Birthday Lily

Good morning honey.........I woke up this morning with sunshine coming in my window and I knew it was you saying hello and letting me know you were thinking of me. I really don't like April 21st because no matter how hard try, I relive every horrible moment of that day five years ago. I think I am my own worst enemy, but you know your crazy Mom, lol. I put this picture on here because it makes me helped us plant our day lily garden in the Fall of 2012 and this was the very...

Wow eric 5 years moms right some times it feels like 500 years. I never take your wrist band off and I never will it make me feel like you are with me.I will come see you today at the cemetery, and have a drink with you.Watch out for mark he goes threw hard times and thi nk he gets lonley,Say hi to god and everone else for me,we will be together again until then miss you and love you Bob.

You were at the party too!

Happy Easter Melissa 2018

Happy Easter 2018

Us and Camryn


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