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Saint Paul, Minnesota

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I would like to echo the comments of those before me. Alithiel's writing and art touched a lot of people. If there is ever anything of hers that her family would like to share with the world, I would be grateful.

Even though it is years after the event I felt I must write a few words of condolences even if they are never read by anyone else. I was reading a story online by Erin and was struck by the sheer talent the author possesed. Of course it was because of this that I then found out about her tragic ending along with her brother and sister. Even though I never met any of them I could tell instantly that they were three very gifted and special people by what was said in this obituary, a statment...

I know many years have past, but even so I am deeply saddened by the loss of such a talented writer. She remains an inspiration to myself and many others who knew her only by her stories. I know a loss of this magnitude will be forever hard to bear, but she will live on her work and in our memories.

I am so sorry to hear about what happened. I have been reading Erin's stories for a while now, she was one of the most talented writers that ever crossed my path. We will miss her and her wonderfull masterpieces.

I, unfortunatly, just heard of the terrible news. I saw some of Erin's Art this afternoon, after not seeing it for nearly a year. I searched for more art and came upon this distressing news. My heart goes out to her family, for I too know what it's like to lose a loved one in a car accident. The pain never lightens, but you learn to live with it. May she rest in peace.

I...was a fan of Erin's work for a long time. Even though I only knew her through her fanfiction under the name 'Alithiel,' I am deeply saddened. It's not pleasant to wake up and realize that Death is looking over your shoulder, even on the Internet.

I regret that I never once gave her a single thought other than the occasional glance for an update; I never once felt the need to give feedback and only wondered what had happened around six months after the chapters stopped...

I am also one of the people that knew Erin through art and fanwork. She has inspired me greaty and touched something deep inside of me with her beautiful work.

My condolences go to everyone who knew Erin, Andrea and Rob,

May they rest in peace


Erin's Obituary

Kluk - Erin Jean, age 18 Andrea Jolene, age 15 Robert 'Rob' John, age 13 On December 27, 2002, suddenly and tragically they were called home to be together with the Lord and other family members who preceded them including cousin Rachel and Grandpa Tony. ERIN was a 2002 Honor Graduate of Forest...

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