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May the god of comfort be a source of strength for your family at this difficult time. 2Corn 1:3, 4. Deepest Sympathy, Sue, Concord, NC

My condolences to the Lerner family as they mourn the loss of their loved one. May God be a comfort and strength to you. He is the hearer of prayer. Psalms 65:2.

My father was Gerda's 1st cousin, but the family has not been in contact for many years. My condolences to her family and I would be pleased if they could contact me.

We, as women, owe her a great debt of gratitude. People of my generaton cannot appreciate how arcaic academia can be at ANY time in history. My best wishes and prayers to her family at this sad time. I can only hope to gain a minor fraction of the perseverence and "guts" she had. God bless her rest and the rest of those two ladies who helped encourage this great intellect.

My condolences to the family. May The Lord strength you as you shared chries memories of laughter.

An amazing woman who made broadly profound contributions in the advancement of women's rights. I first became familiar with her when she appeared as a guest speaker during my college years. I became a fan and followed her literary work since that time.
Thank you and R.I.P., Ms, Lerner...

The impact of Gerda Lerner's scholarship, insight, and determination will ripple through current and future generations. With thanks for a life well lived.

i never met her but shes right, i am the same way, cuz theres a way to be and a way not to be. and im always trying very diligently to not only be the way i know im supposed to be to others but i try to get others to be that way too. it might seem mean to not be like everyone else but GOD doesnt use a cookie cutter when He makes us!i lived thru jail fro a week to save someones job for him, in solitary , which was my hell, i want others to know that sometimes when you tell the truths no...


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