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Half way through Scar Lover and thought of him and found this site. A truly remarkable humanity gone from us.

Thanks for the stories, Mr. Crews.

Great writer,inspired my own tales,Sergio

aka "Shiner"

By reason of a strange combination of factors, including mere chance, I've met, interviewed, jammed with and otherwise gotten to know a fair number of luminary sorts of people in my life, but Harry Crews is the only one who ever intimidated me. He didn't do so by design or intent - it was just by reason of the walking power that was his. This was the case long before I read his book "A Childhood: The Biography of a Place," which is the single most moving piece of writing I have...

Bowl of oatmeal tried to stare me down... and won.

Dear Harry, all of us from English 8C at Lakeshore Junior High will remember you to the grave. Having a private reading of your short stories gave us many sleepless nights... especially the one about the guy with cancer of the lip, tongue, and epiglottis. Standing at the board with my nose in a chalk ring and failing to go the distance will stay with me forever. May God bless you if you meet him and thanks from me if you don't... I mean this with utmost respect and gratitude for the example...

Had to say something: Same name, both former Marines, Not related to him, but know he's been living in the chaotic symmetry.

Semper Fi

Harry Crews-
I am now reading A Gypsy's Curse and what a story it is. I have so enjoyed your descriptions of each and every character, especially Marvin Molar. One cannot help but chuckle at his thoughts described by you. I have easily pictured every character in my head as I read because of your descriptions.

Carry on Harry Crews!

Herman Mack of Harry's best book CAR said,"I'm going to eat a car, because it's there." Harry Crews wrote about the South and its misfits " because they are there." Now cracks a noble and genous heart. May choirs of dark angels sing thee to thy rest. Your roommate from the Punic Wars, Ed Nagel


HARRY's Obituary

CREWS, HARRY On 28 March 2012 the American and international literary communities lost one of their most unique citizens, Harry Crews-a man some no doubt would say the world is better off for having lost, and a man who would have thought that such an opinion showed he had been doing his job just...

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