Harry Dynes

Ottawa, Ontario


Harry Dynes passed away in Ottawa, Ontario. The obituary was featured in Ottawa Citizen on October 29, 2005, Ottawa Citizen on October 29, 2006, and Ottawa Citizen on October 29, 2008.

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I can't believe how long its been. I wish you could have lived to meet Gary and Pamela. You would have loved both of them as they would have you. I miss you and wish you were still here and could have watched us all grow up with our families. Please watch out for us.


To my Dear Dad, Harry. The fun we had, the laughter I still think of you and playing with our 2 children you enjoyed them. My thoughts of you are wonderful, pleasant and loving. With our Love. Eleanor& Barry XOXO

Dear Dad, You were a great and wonderful Dad who thought of everyone else, you gave us Love and a wonderful friendship and the love and friendship with my children. You would have loved your Grandchildren having fun playing with them. With My Love Eleanor

Dear Dad: It has been 35 years and I think of you often. You were a great Father and Loving Grandpa.With Our Love Eleanor & Barry. xoxo

Dear Grandpa,

Hard to believe that 35 years have passed since we lost you. So much has happened and I wish you were here to share our lives and families. You were a wonderful Grandfather and I think of you often.

Love, Patricia, Gary & Pamela

Dear Dad: It's been a long time, but I always remember the fun we shared and how good a Father you were and the love you gave Rick and Patricia Ann
Love Eleanor


Its been so long since you left us much too early. I wish I would have had an opportunity to be with you longer and for you to meet my family. I miss you,

Although I was still very young when you passed on, I still have very fond memories of you and your laugh. I look forward to the day when we will reunite in our Lord's house so we can really get to know one another.

It was an honour to have you as a Father-in-Law. Barry