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Hurricane Maria Victims



First came Hurricane Harvey. Then the one-two punch of Irma and Maria. The United States and Caribbean nations have been hard hit this hurricane season. And though the storms have subsided, for now, their impact will be felt for some time.

  Lives have been lost, homes and schools destroyed, roads washed away. For the survivors, the brutal work of drying out and rebuilding will continue for months and years to come. In the U.S. places like Houston, Florida, and the U.S. Virgin Islands are facing tremendous challenges. But of all the affected areas in the U.S., arguably no place has been as devastated as Puerto Rico.
As the  Miami Herald reported today:

On Wednesday, the Puerto Rico government, still held that the official number of deaths as a result of the catastrophe was 16. But the Center for Investigative Journalism (CPI, for its initials in Spanish) has confirmed that there are dozens of hurricane-related deaths and the number could rise to the hundreds in the final count.

The storm-related fatalities are mounting with each passing day, and official numbers are not counting patients who are not receiving dialysis, oxygen and other essential services.

Puerto Rico’s residents have been without power for a week, coping with tropical heat, wading through water, living in homes torn apart or flattened by the storm. With supplies of water, food, and medicine dwindling, Puerto Ricans have been facing a dire situation. Today’s news that the U.S. government is going to temporarily relax restrictions on shipping means that much-needed aid will be allowed to reach the island.

Heartening during this crisis have been stories of individuals stepping up to help their fellow Americans. Whether on the ground in P.R. or rallying support and supplies on the mainland, people have been donating money, time, and talent to help the people of Puerto Rico.

As we remember Hurricane Maria’s victims, we also pay tribute to all who are working to ensure that no one else has to die.

Learn how you can help: How to Help Puerto Rico and Other Islands After Hurricane Maria

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May your hearts soon be filled with wonderful memories of joyful times together as you celebrate a life well lived.

I have family in Puerto Rico, in Carolina, Bayamon, Isabel, ECT I have not been able to Contact anyone. My Name is Carlos Pellecier, My Family name's are Pellecier,Mendez, Rodriguez, Osorio, Garcia, Lebron. My email contact is [email protected] Please any help would be greatly appreciated. My Condolences to all the Families that lost loved ones.

Almost 1 year ago. Thinking about mi Puerto Rico and all the families that this has effected. #fuertesomos

Does anybody know a Carlos? He is about 12 years old and I would really want to know him again. We lost touch a few years ago and he told me he is in Puerto Rico. His last name may be arroyo.

My friend from Long Island in the 1990s lived in Araceibo last and has not been heard from (or posted) on FaceBook since the Hurricane struck last September.... does anyone know if Rolando Carrion, age about 65 is on the list? I can be contacted at [email protected]

My deepest empathy goes to you all.
To the family,
I send you my deepest condolences. Psalms 55:22 tells us to throw our anxieties on the True God and he will sustain you. May comfort in his promises bring you relief. May the God of the Heavens give you comfort.

My sincere condolences to all the victims of the disaster, especially to those who have lost, not only their possessions, but also a loved one. My heart goes out to each family! What comfort we have in knowing that soon God will handle all earth's affairs by means of His Kingdom (Matthew 6:9). When Jesus was on earth, he showed what will happen under that Kingdom, including control of all the natural elements (Mark 4:37-39). May that hope help you endure this most difficult time.

Mi mas sentido pésame a los familiares y amigos que han pérdido a sus seres queridos en el huracán Maria. Nuestro amoroso Dios nos promete en Revelación 21:3 y 4 que el sufrimiento por causa de desastres naturales y otros problemas serán cosas del pasado. Que Dios les de fuerzas y consuelo en estos momentos difíciles.