Dr. James E. Jackson

Emeryville, California

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Today marks the 5th year without your physical presence but not a day goes by that you aren't remembered in some way. Maybe it's a glance of a photo or a stumble upon an old card you gave, or perhaps it's a fond memory that creeps in....the way your surgical skills seemed to be natural, rather than learned; the calmness you showed in the face of adversity or chaos; the love of your children; the kindness and compassion shown to everyone.
No matter what, your imprint on my life and those...

Dr. jackson extended a hand to me in one of the darkest moments of my life. I learned so much from this incredible man. Dr. Jackson was a brilliant clinician and surgeon...most of all he was a good man. I will miss him very much.

I am just finding out that Dr. Jackson has passed away. He was a kind and patient doctor who delivered all three of my children. I am saddened to learn that he is gone. His family deeply misses him but so do we - his patients of so many years ago. He will never be forgotten. My condolences to Fern and the family.
Lela Green

OMG!! I had no idea Dr. Jackson passed away.. He delivered my bother and I..

A man of Peace who lived Peace and expressed Peace. Heaven is rejoicing in his Peace.

dr jackson was a wonderful md and a good person who cared for patients and nurses

Sorry for his pasing but he made you happy as could be Fern. His work was no doubt in one word superb!

Dr. Jackson, was a class act and truly made the staff and patient understand that the patients deserved respect and professionalism at all times. I worked the Women's Urgent Care with his team and learned so much. Many of his older patients would say: he delivered my baby years ago. Thats when you know that you are in the mist of someone SPECIAL.

The world is a better place because of James Jackson, MD


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Dr. James E. JacksonOctober 29, 1929 - December 31, 2012Resident of EmeryvilleJames Edwin Jackson, an accomplished physician, public health care administrator, and visionary who served as the Chairman of the Maternal and Child Health Department for the Alameda County Medical Center for over 20...

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