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Seattle, Washington


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Jane Catherine LotterOne of the few advantages of dying from Grade 3, Stage IIIC endometrial cancer, recurrent and metastasized to the liver and abdomen, is that you have time to write your own obituary. (The other advantages are no longer bothering with sunscreen and no longer worrying about...

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I appreciate how Jane Catherine Lotter poignantly reminds those that take the time to read her wisdom regarding the precious gift of life - and not take that gift for granted. There will likely be many more readers who will be seeing this as New York Times writer Susan Gubar provides a link to this page in her 19 July 2018 article, "Write your own obit." as part of an article series "Living with Cancer." For those of you that find Jane's obituary via other paths, please...

I found Jane's story through an article in today's NYT.
My Mother, Mary Lou Dolson and my brother John Dolson died within weeks of each this winter.
I am alone now and I suppose one of my greatest sadnesses will be never discussing with either of them how they would want to be remembered in writing.
Janes beautiful obituary will be sent to many of my friends and acquaintances. In my neighborhood we all have more days behind us than ahead and it's time for us to write our own...

Jane: Just found myself quoting you for the second time in two days. So thankful for all you've given me, even witty phrases to pilfer from a better writer than I.
I miss you dearly, yet you somehow made everything — even the fact that you're gone — seem to be okay.
Hope you are reading this, and I'm sure that you can, because everything in the world is connected, and in my opinion, what's up in the sky as well.
There I go again — I stole another one. Hat trick.

Jane, another August 10th is here. I still miss you and sharing cards with each other. Just wanting you to know that you are loved and thought about every day. ~Pat

I just read "The Bettie Davis Story" while resting after cancer surgery. I loved the book and I cried when I found out she had died. What a brave lady she was. I never had a chance to read any of her columns, but I will look for them in case they are available. Rest in peace Jane

I have just finished reading The Bette Davis Club on my Kindle. LOVED IT!!!!!! What a wonderful gift to leave....hours of happy reading.

Just finished the Bette Davis Club and I loved it. A random find on Amazon Kindle at $1.49 and worth much more. RIP Jane.

Jane and family...I read your loving kindness meditation 'prayer' to my brother while he was dying of stomach cancer. My sister read your obituary and said you are a very brave person.
God speed. Your spirit lives on since we are all connected.
Peter P.

We shared birthdays just two days apart. We always sent each other cards. Can't send you a card now and nothing is funny anymore surrounding your birthday. I miss you my dear sister. Happy Birthday, I guess. Love you,