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July 10, 2015: I met Jeanette Carter at a Dulcimer weekend in around the late 1990's, and found her to be a lovely and kind approachable person, who wrote to me about her music tape that she was working on and would send to me when finished, that I could purchase. In the meantime, she sent me her memoir - a sweet remembrance of her life and family - at no charge. I just re-discovered it today and looked up her name and saw - sadly - her obituary from 2006.

Greatest music ever

This was truly an amazing person with so much talent the loss is clearly ours. Prayers fill our hearts while singing praises to God asking him to let us never forget the love we have for this wonderful person gone from our lives never forgetting the joy we shared experiencing a great talent. Hebrews 6:10.

Charles & Alice Tillett
Missionaries in Kenya East Africa
In Kentucky in early 1990 we would check out a real to real projector and film at the library. We would watch and enjoy a film called the Sunny Side of Life, what a joy. We now have the DVD. What great country folks, the Lord was ever present.

I met Janette and Joe back in the 1980's when I was invited tostay at their home with friends. Wonderful people, wonderfulmusic. She taught me to make amazing biscuits.


I have visited this page many times. Janette and I became acquainted through my poetry and she said "she loved them all". I wish Janette you could see some of my recent poems. I loved you then and I love you now!

Love Found A Way

By Mark Anthony Grubb

I was crucified on Calvary's hill,

It was the plan and my father's will.

The cost of sin was mine to pay,

My father's love had found a way.


Janette's Obituary

Janette Carter passed away. The obituary was featured in Bristol Herald Courier on January 23, 2006, and Legacy on January 23, 2006.