Jason W. Cope

Hobart, Indiana

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Not sure what to say?

Where to start? What a great guy and huge loss to so many people who called you friend. I was thinking about when you joined the Hobart PD. Your true calling was being a teacher and you followed your dreams. My life is better for just having you in it for the brief time you were. You are missed everyday.


I dreamt of you last night. I also thought that I saw you the other day. Strange how powerful friendship is, no? That after all this time I still could think that I saw you.

I find it impossible that 10 years have gone by since I last spoke to you. It seems like you were just visiting me at work and we were laughing together. I guess that is how time works though. It is quite deceiving.

I just wanted to let you know that you are always in my...

Mr Cope,
Saw a You-Tube video of a teacher and "what he makes!"
Couldnt help but think of you. You touched my life in more ways than I can ever tell you...im sure you did that with all of your students.
I think about you often and im sorry I wasnt at your wake, I wasnt ready to say "good bye!" I guess im still not.
you were an amazing teacher and person....and just so you know, anytime something about Monty Python comes on, I chuckle...ill never forget...

Mr Cope,
I had you over 19 years ago as my teacher and EVERY TIME I pick up a DVD, I think of you and why? Because you were showing us a movie one day on laser disk (the ones that were as big as a vinyl album) and before you put it in, you said, " this is the future of movies. One day they will all be on a disk like this...just smaller."
You cross my mind often because you were such a wonderful teacher and person! You truly are missed!

well, jay, it has been another fast year and it is hard to believe you have been gone from our lives for 9 of them. Not a day goes by that you are not thought of or talked about in some fashion. faire still will never be the same without you and as in each year you are honored there. We are all about to once again gather together at Talons for a Viking gathering for Halloween and will honor you again. We hope you will be there once again in spirit to enjoy us going over old times and singing...

I never had the pleasure of your company, but from the many tributes and comments made about you that I missed the chance to get to know an extraordinary and gentle man. May your memory remain ever-green in the hearts of those who knew (and the many who loved) you.

I never knew you, but the love of your friends spreads like ripples on a pond. Like the rings, you are reflected over and over again in the many minds and hearts that remember you with fondness. Safe journeys.

My friend, another year has passed and not a day goes by that I do not think of you. Nine years? It seems impossible. It still hurts deeply and I know that it always will. I still find myself thinking "I have to tell Jason this" or "Jason would love this" and then I remember that I cannot and I smile sadly. But thinking of you is not a sad thing. I miss your voice and your laugh and of course your sarcastic wit! Lately I have wanted nothing more than to have a...

Mr Cope,
Watched braveheart the other day and couldnt help but think of you. We shared many conversations about the sca. Wish we could have just one more. You were the best teacher i had ever had and you will never be forgotten! My son has an amazing friend and teacher in heaven!


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JASON W. COPE Age 39 years, of Hebron, formerly of Hobart, passed away on Friday, October 22, 2004. He was a graduate of Hobart High School, Class of 1983. Jason received his Associate of Arts Criminal Justice degree from Indiana University Northwest, his Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary...

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