Jeff Antoine

Bloomfield, Connecticut

Oct 7, 1994 – Dec 31, 2014


October 7, 1994
December 31, 2014
Bloomfield, Connecticut


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Henry L. Fuqua Funeral Service - Bloomfield Obituary

Funeral services will be held on Wednesday. January 7, 2015 at 1:00 pm with a 12:00 calling hour at Henry L. Fuqua Funeral 94 Granby Street Bloomfield, Ct

Burial will be at Mt. St. Benedict Cemetery, Bloomfield, CT

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Everytime I seen you, you had a smile on your face. You never passed by without saying hello. I loved your presence you were gone way too soon Happy Birthday Jeff and continue to rock the heavens

I can't even start to express the amount of times that you are constantly on my mind, day in & day out. I never truly felt the actual feeling of MISSING someone until I experience the lost of you and with that being forever it's hard to gather in thoughts that you are no longer here in the flesh. I can truly say that I've gotten stronger to the point where I cry less and smile more but I will never become immune to the lost of you Jeff. I wish I can say abracadabra and you poof into...

I hate to say that I try my best to block the thought of you being gone, God knows that I love you with all my heart. It's like an empty feeling in the pit of my stomach, that won't ever go a way. A whole year has gone by and it's still hard to believe that you're not here. Vivid memories of you lingers in my head. Your phone number still remains in my phone, bcuz I still hold unto the thought of hearing your voice one last time. Truth is I get so angry at the thought of you being...

Your birthday came and went,Christmas,the New Year,none were met with the same joy or happiness prior to your passing. We as your family miss you and our hearts ache everyday. When we think we're going to have a good day,something,or someone reminds us of you. We walk through our lives now broken,confused,dazed not quite knowing where to go from here. We wonder if you're really at peace,if you're happy,sad or if you in a better place or if you even miss us as much as we miss you. Are you...

My son, you were my fist born,the apple of my eye. I lived for you,nothing was too big or too small for me to do for you.My heart is forever broken,I know that you would not want me to stay broken forever but for right now I am trying to stay strong for you and your boys. Thank you for blessing me with my grandsons,I see now why God allowed you to have them so young. I promise I will take care of them and always be there for them. It is hard visiting you,knowing that I can't touch you or hear...

You dont know me but Nayeli is my best friend and she tells me everyday how much she misses you and she cries every single day . I wish I had the chance to meet you im pretty sure you would of been the coolest guy I know .

I Will Always Have You In My Heart Bro, You'll Never Be Forgotten Legacies Can't Die... I Love You Jeff

Saying goodbye to you so soon was something I never pictured...I ask myself why everyday. I have cried my heart out and every time I cry, it still feels like its the first time. I think about you everyday,every min, sec & hour of the day. You're always in my thoughts. Your memory and picture is all I have of you and I will hold unto them until we meet again I love you and I will always love you beyond the grave & you'll forever be in my heart.

Saying goodbye to you so soon was something I never pictured...I ask myself why everyday. I have cried my heart out and every time I cry, it still fee