Jeremy Glick

West Milford, New Jersey


West Milford, New Jersey


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Jeremy Glick, 31, of West Milford, New Jersey.

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Hello I really hate what Jeremy and all the passengers on that flight on September 11 2001 it really was such a terrible tragedy may Jeremy Rest In Peace he really was a hero that tried his best to save others lives I didn’t know him personally but may god bless him

Jeremy, you will always be a hero, always be loved and always be remembered.

Although I did not know you personally I will never forget the sacrifice you and the other passengers did for this Country and the fact that you all saved so many other lives and I thank you for that! God Bless you and your family!!

Thank you for your bravery and courage on flight 93 19 years ago. I will always remember it. God bless

Today , Sept 11, 2020, is the 19th Anniversary of the terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center. You stormed the cockpit along with Todd Beamer and other heros to overthrow the hijackers and thwarted their deadly plans to head for Washington D.C and hit the White House and Capitol- It never happened, thanks to your unselfish bravery and those of your fellow passengers and crew- God Bless you, condolences to your family and friends, your name will go down in history as a true hero on...

I would first like to say thank you for your heroic actions. I would also like to think that if something like this would happen where I am present, that I would react like he did and try to stop the people from harming anyone. You are a very brave person that this country need more of.

We thank you for the bravery you showed during this horrific event. What you displayed will never be forgotten. Thank you sir. A true hero.

In one of my classes at school, we are doing a unit on the events that took place on September 11, 2001. While going through the bios of all of the passengers on United 93, Jeremy's caught my attention. Not only was it the bravery that he displayed while these events were unfolding, but it was also the sacrifice he made in order to avoid the plane being used a weapon, and that just showcases the kind of man he was. To Jeremy' parents, you raised the type of man that one could only hope to be...

Hi my name is Emily and I go to shanley high school. We are currently learning about the events of 9-11 and we are doing a project about someone who lost their life in the tragic event. I was assigned Jeremy Glick and I am so glad that I was. I learned about how brave he was on United 93. There are a lot of things people can learn for him today. Like total selflessness and bravery. If there is one thing I know for sure is that he will be remembered for a long long time