Joan Marie Carlson


Carlson, Joan Marie Born May 23rd, 1937, entered into heaven December 29th, 2009. Retired from Bethany Covenant Nursing Home. Survived by sons, Robert, Gregory, and Brad (Jayne); daughter, Anna Ellingsworth (Jim); grandchildren, Kinsey (Jerry), Amy, Amanda, Benjamin; great-granddaughter, Breagha; sister, Dorothy Watson; brother, Donald (Sonja) Schelin and daughter-in-law, Lorraine Olzeske; many nieces and nephews, and many friends. Celebration of life will be held at the Palmer Lake VFW, Brooklyn Park, Saturday, Jan. 2nd, 2010 from 4-8 PM.
This obituary was originally published in the Star Tribune.

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Hi Mom,
It's been a while but it's not that I haven't been thinking of you. That is always a thing...ALWAYS...I think of you, of dad, of Brad, of grandparents, aunts, uncles, my friends that have passed too soon as Laura!! Michelle!! I wish I could get over this but it's so hard...why? Is my heart not able to heal? Why? I have a good life, pray, and know that I was the luckiest girl ever to have you all in my life, and still am lucky to have the ones left here in my life but...

Hi Momma,
So much has happened lately and so much I wish you were here for, even if it's just to listen. You were always the person we could talk to and you never judged, never, you always listened and tried to help if you could.
I miss you more than ever!! Bought some new furniture and am painting. I know you would have loved to go shopping with me...I so miss that about, dinner, lunch, talking, and YOU!!
love you forever and a day momma.

Hi Mom,
Please send some healing thoughts and prayers to my "second" mom Judi!! She's really sick right now and needs all the prayers she can get. She has helped me SO much since you have been gone and I know you would only want the best for her.
Miss you so much. Getting ready once again for spring and summer and wish you were here to go shopping with. Flowers, new clothes, a casino on the way, dinner, lunch, all of the things that were so simple but made such a...

Hi Momma,
Thinking of you so much and missing you even more. Not sure what is going on here but I only know that I wish you were here with us!! Love you.

HI Mom,
We need lots of help from all of you up above through this time. I know Brad will guide us all but we do need your help.
miss you so much!!! I wish there was a way to talk to you every day, to hear your voice. I wish that I would have saved some messages you sent me like I have for Benjamin. To just hear your voice would be so great. And that goes for all the voices I am missing up there....
love you so much.

Hi Momma,
So, So, missing you right now. I dream of us on a warm vacation, sitting by the pool, having lunch on a patio, shopping...all things we used to do. I am forever grateful that I have those memories.
Thank you. Love you forever and a day.
Miss you ALWAYS.

HI Momma,
I finally got to write on your page, there have been problems and they can't seem to find the solutions to fix them but they gave me this link so hopefully it will work from now on.
Happy Valentines day to you!! Of course to Dad and Brad and everyone else too. I so miss every little holiday without you because you always, always, made them special. It could have been just a card, or as much as a trip, but everyone of them meant the world to me and I'm so happy I have...

Hi Momma,
It's been eight long years here without you...short in so many ways, but oh so long in so many other ways. I wasn't able to get on the site here for a while but don't you think I wasn't thinking of you...they fixed it now, I hope...
Please know that forever you are in my heart and soul, and forever I will love and miss you.

Hi Mom,
I am so missing you....wishing we were going on a road trip, wishing we were talking all the way....I miss you so very much. Love you.