John Owen Baker

St. Petersburg, Florida

Age 28

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We are here today remembering you John John...Shannon misses you so much every doesn't get any easier for her...she loved you so at peace knowing how much she cared and loved everything about you..she has the bonfire going just for you tonight... FROM THE OLD LADY

I miss you so much everything reminds me of my big brother I want to call you and tell you everything please come see me in my dreams i just want a hug I miss you soo much John John I need my big brother ;,,-(

it has been two weeks now and it is not getting any easier,only harder for me at least.i miss you more than anyone could ever understand.i love you my forever,dad

i love you son.this is killing me.i cannot go on without you son.i will be with you soon,i promise.i cannot stay here without you.son i love you.see you soon,dad.please wait for me.bye son.

For those who knew him knew him well .he was so much more than a boyfriend to me john was an Awesome person to be around he was a great friend when you were down he'd pick you up with that BIG smile .i'd give anything to see those baby blues lookin back at me.i love you so much . my heart is forever broken .i just want you to come thru the door and say shannon ! where's my food i'm hungry or yell at joleene for her chores not bein done. there's not enough words to say the way i feel.i...

Thoughts and prayers are with the family. I only met him a few times, but he was good to Shannon and that's what meant the world to me. So sad that such a young life was taken too soon. God Bless.

He was a son, a brother, a nephew, a uncle, a father and a very good friend,
when I got the news it was just too hard to apprehend, 
I still can't believe your gone,
I cry every time I look at your pictures,
My heart aches every time I listen to your voice,
I want to call you but I can't,
I want to close my eyes and see you but you aren't there,
I want my big brother back,
It will never be the same with out you here,
My heart filled with tears and...

To my loving nephew, as u are in heaven skies. As u send the wind down on us to know its u blowing sweet kisses , as u send us showers upon us to know it is tears, as u send us sunshine down upon us to say it is bright smiles, know that u will be so dearly missed and loved. until we meet again at those pearly gates our hearts will ache. Love u my dear nephew. RIP JOHN JOHN!!!!!!

John John you will be missed. Now you can ride in the Heavens with your Mom and Grandma. We will miss you more then you will ever know. Your Loving Aunt Nita
and Uncle Mel.


John's Obituary

John Owen Baker, 28, of St. Petersburg, died January 25, 2012.

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