Pope John Paul II

1920 - 2005

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To my Holy Father I pray to you because you are a great inspiration to me.Since you passed away I still pray to you to grant me peace of mind and my health.It is deteriorating.I am scared I know you say do not be afraid.So I keep telling myself this.I hope you pray for me as I pray for you.Grant me a miracle.Cure my cancer.I will be in your hands forever.


Holy father saint saint Pope jean paul.I pray my cancer will go away but it is acurse to me because I don't want to die I have lung cancer.I pray to you.xxxxx. Cause I have no where to turn I have heard that did miracles you have cured many. Please help. I pray for a miracle to you. I. Want to live. Not ready to leave this you your Holiness. Please Help me.thank you.

Your Holiness.I we need a miracle of peace of mind and on earth.I hope my cancer disapeared I don't want anymore torture with radiation and chimo I'm scared.Please pray for me.I will pray for us.Thank you.

We need a miracle Please Pray for us Your holiness.I ask you please bring us to peace on earth.Thankyou for being there for us.I will pray for you as you pray for us.Love and understanding.I have cancer and I am afraid.But you have said don't be afraid.It conforts me to know that you are listening.Prayers for my cancer to disapear.I will believe forever.Bless us all.Thankyou.

Why are we so divided cause of religion.I always thought it would bring peace instead its spreading war.So many people are suffering..Why is that there is only one God no matter what you call him.The creator of all life as we know it.I hope you let me understand. Pope Francis is trying the best he can but nobody is lisening.Please Help this world from above.Peace on earth.

You are peace I pray for you and the world everyday.We need peace and health in this world.Love each other.The power of love.

Your Holiness I am very sad that you left this earth. But I guess you were suffering.I know that you came to me in my living room after you passed. I was afraid cause I did not know what it meant you blessed me and than just disappeared.I know you are the one that does make miracles.You always said don't be afraid.I pray every day.You were like my father He to died of Parkinson. I always look to you as the closets to God.Prayers for us all.We need peace in this world.Love you forever.Till we...

Your holiness, I know we will be alright ! Cause everyone that believes knows that god will take care of what is going on in this world . They only have to believe !!!!! I can sometime get nervous .
I've had many surgeries .
I 'm still here. But why do drs. Prescribe all these drugs. I thought that god made each one perfect .


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Pope John Paul II -ROME - In memory of His Holiness, Pope John Paul II, Solemn Sung Vespers for the Dead with Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament will be celebrated at 7:30 P.M. on Sunday April 3rd in the lower church of St. Joseph Catholic Church. -On Monday, April 4, Mass for the repose...

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