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TEMPLETON--John Marks. For many years, Sir John was a member of the board of the American Bible Society. He was a staunch supporter of the Bible cause. He influenced and encouraged all he knew by promoting faith and living a life of decency. We mourn his loss as we also celebrate his exemplary...

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Sir John Templeton,the legacy you left behind and your good fight for humanity will ever remain in our hearts and minds till eternity.

I also give kudos to those that took up the mantle from where you stopped,to change lives of countless million of people the world over.
My continuous prayer is to be like you and also leave a legacy behind before i die.
Kudos Sir John Templeton Foundation.
You are a great hero beloved Dad,we will live to always remember you and your...

I had not known, nor seen Sir John Templeton personally. I only read about him from an investment book.
What attracted me was his simple and spiritual life and phisosophies.

heru tjang, Indonesia

It is now 11 years that has passed and I have been employed by FTI and have heard so many amazing things of Sir John Templeton. This man has given so many so much with his wisdom and kindness. God Bless

John Templeton was primarily a man of great character, who was incidentally one of the world’s greatest investors. I was fortunate to attend the annual meetings of the Templeton Growth Fund while he was the primary speaker. I always, left the meetings feeling that I had learned a lot about investing, but that I had learned even more about life. When John Templeton shared his wisdom, humility, kindness and grace, one always felt that the world was a better place. He set a standard to which all...

I do not know a day when Sir John was not part of my world. I met him in 1982 and was privileged to be at his 70th Birthday Party in the Bahamas. I have read most of his books and passed them on to clients to help him spread his word on how to combine success with humility while maintaining integrity. I always held him in the highest esteem on the way he set the standards on how to do business. He has passed from this world but his legacy will not be forgotten. I encourage all to read his...

I knew of Sir John Templeton.........wish I had the opportunity to meet him! What a great man!

I was an employee of Templeton Funds for many years and had the privilege of meeting Sir John on several occasions. He was a financial genius but dispite this he treated all his employees with courtesy and respect.

My condolences to his family. He will be missed.

An awesome christian man, who visited our church where he went as a young boy many times. My son who is 40 still has a dollar bill that Sir John autographed for him. Our deepest sympathy to his family. We celebrate his life with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Stewarts, Winchester, TN