Jon F. Hassler

Minneapolis, Minnesota


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Hassler, Jon F. Age 74 Of Mpls. Survived by wife, Gretchen; children, Michael, Elizabeth (Lonnie) Caughey, David (Joyce) and their mother, Marie, Catherine (Geoff) Cich, Elizabeth (Chris) Seymour, Emil Kresl; and 5 grandchildren. Mass of Christian Burial, Thursday, March 27th - 2 PM at the...

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I have read every novel by Mr. Hassler. I just learned today of his passing even though I knew he'd been ill for a long time. My condolences go out to his family and friends. I had the privilege of seeing Grand Opening at the Jon Hassler Theater several years ago and thoroughly enjoyed the production and the environment. Thank you, Mr. Hassler for so many literary lessons and hours of pleasurable reading.

My 85-year-old mother and I just discovered Jon Hassler by way of reading "Grand Opening." I just finished reading it for the third time in a row this morning. Thank you, Mr. Hassler, for your beautiful and moving story of life in a small town. My mother grew up in a small town in the South and the people, places, and situations that the Foster family encountered resonated with her fully. We look forward to reading Mr. Hassler's other books and meeting his other characters. ...

I inherited "Grand Opening" from my sister-in-law after she passed from ovarian cancer. I know that she enjoyed the book due to the "KEEP" written on the inside of the cover. I also enjoyed the book a great deal. Enough so to go the the internet to find other books written by Jon. Sadly, I not only found the entire list, but also that there would be no further additions to it. It is a great loss to readers everywhere that Jon will not be writing for us any longer.

I've just discovered this wonderful writer (I'm halfway through Simon's Night and was completely in awe of Staggorford). How sad, his passing. His writing exudes such compassion and humanity (and, as such, has no problem poking fun at we humans as well.) May his work live on for many generations to come.

I am truly sad in learning of Jon Hassler's death earlier this year. I have only discovered his books in the last two years and read them all and had been hoping for more. His passing is a great loss to all of us.

I was so sorry to hear of Jon's passing. He was my teacher and friend at BCC. We even walked the picket line during a college strike together. His books are wonderfully written and full of thought. He was a dear and gentle man. Thank you Jon.

I just read in Poets and Writers magazine of Mr. Hassler's death. My deepest sympathies go to the Hassler family. I wrote a simple email to Jon a few years back and wished him a happy birthday and he wrote back and thanked me. It really touched me. He was one the "Good People". God Bless.

Today I was sitting on my front stoop, reading Dean's List - the only Jon Hassler book I had not yet read. I was so in awe of the great writing I had to get up and come to the computer to just check up on him. Then I learned of his death in May . I feel such a sense of loss - and just wanted to loft my condolences to the family. So...from a stranger, one who never met Jon, one who never sent him that fan letter I always wanted to send, just THANK you Jon and thank you family for supporting him.

i wish i would have gotten the chance to thank Jon in person for what he wrote about my Great Uncle. In his book "Good People" he dedicated a whole chapter to my great Uncle Jackie. i didn't know much about this side of my family's history & to learn so much about the character of my uncle Jackie Harlan touched Jon's life was amazing. it gave me so much of an insight to someone i wish i would have had the chance to meet. Thank you Jon, you will be missed.