Jon S. Schlissel

Jersey City, New Jersey


Jersey City, New Jersey


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A Believer in Fitness

There were a lot of sides to Jon Schlissel, and he was passionate about every one of them. He was religious about maintaining his health, and he exercised nearly every day. At 51, Mr. Schlissel had washboard abs and a physique that was the envy of his friends. He was also a dedicated naturist.

To people who toured historic homes in Jersey City, Mr. Schlissel was the man who owned a 14-room Victorian-style brownstone, painstakingly restored and furnished with items from the Victorian era.

His co-workers at the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance, where Mr. Schlissel worked for 29 years, knew him as a dedicated employee. He last worked as a mediator for the agency, but he also knew how to stir things up. He challenged politicians on a variety of issues, including civil rights for gays, and was the kind of advocate who refused to let term limits stop him from serving in his neighborhood civic association.

''Even when he couldn't be in it anymore, he'd be the one making sure that there was ketchup for everyone when they had a potluck dinner,'' said his brother, Laurence.

Jon Schlissel was faithful to his 80-year-old mother, Ruth, calling her every Saturday morning and visiting her in Florida twice a year. ''My son Larry used to talk from 10 to 11, and then I'd talk to Jonny,'' his mother said. Now, she said, ''At 11, I cry. My nieces and nephews call. They try. No one's going to take Jonny's place.''

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Not sure what to say?

18 years you have been gone. You are in my heart for all the days of my life. I miss you and so often think, I need to call Jonny and tell him about ................. but you are not here for me to call. Rest easy my dear friend.

Missing you much, Jon!

So many years have past yet it feels like yesterday since you were cruelly taken from us. I keep seeing you at the door as I opened it and saw you standing there with that huge smile of yours and your gaze into my eyes said it all. All the years we knew each other and the special love we had for each other showed in your loving gaze. I so wish I could open the door and see you standing there again. You were taken too young from this world. You had so much more life to give to all that knew...

My last meeting w/ Jon, shortly before 9/11, was, as it turned out, beyond poignant.

We became friends during college, he a central and beloved member of a friend group which had kindly embraced me, a weekend refugee from another upstate university which hadnt yet, unlike Harper College, stridently started a Gay Lib group, a designation which now almost seems quaint.

That formative period in the early 70s was nothing less than wonderful. This friend group, thick as...

Your good friend Freddie told me all about how wonderful you were. I hope to visit NYC and see and kiss your name. He
loved you so much!

Remembering my friend Jon who we lost on that horrible day.

I only met him a few times at summer events but he left an impression on my heart. Peace and love.

Jon will be remembered for his smiling face that radiated where ever he went. He was someone I didn't see often at Hillside but we talked on the phone from time to time.

I was shocked to hear he was in one of the twin towers. I think of him often and have a memorial of the twin tower lights shining to heaven where I know I will see him again.

Love and Peace Jon

I took my 10 yr old son to GZ a few weeks ago. I did my best to explain what happened that horrible day. As he looked at all the names at the memorial, he picked out John's name and said he wanted to know more about him. He would walk around several times that day but he always came back to John's name. On behalf of my son Joseph and me, rest in peac John- Hank