Cleveland, Ohio

May 24, 1932 – Oct 12, 2017 (Age 85)

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WOW! I can't believe it's been 9months now since you were called home... To me- it still feels like yesterday and everything is still so fresh in my memory... I can still feel your touch, smell your sent, and hear your voice... The tears still fall when I think of you- and as much as I want to celebrate the beautiful life you lived and speak about the good times we had with you- I still find it hard... I freeze up in the thought of you... I look at your pictures and videos everyday... Nothing...

Grandma Harrison,

Today marks 8months since your passing. Still, for myself nothing has changed. I still think of you constantly and shed tears daily for you, it's just something that I can't stop! Sometimes I think about the day you passed away, it still takes my breath away... We always know that one day will be someone's last, but nothing anyone can do- can prepare or make anyone ready for that day... The whole dynamic of the family has changed without you... I...

HAPPY 86TH BIRTHDAY to my beautiful Southern Belle great grandma This year you're able to spend your Birthday again with Grandpa, your mama, and all of your other loved ones... I wish I was able to spend your birthday with you and shower you in hugs and kisses... I love you my Grandma Harrison and I miss you more than any words could ever explain... I hope you know that! I'll see you in my dreams xoxo love you! ❤

Just thinking about you Grandma... Tomorrow is your birthday- it's going to be hard to not have you with us, so we can celebrate like we always do... I've never not spent your birthday with you... I love you Grandma and I'll be back tomorrow to wish you Happy Birthday .... Tell Grandpa and everyone I said hello... ❤

Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful great grandma... I can't believe yesterday marked 7months that you gained your wings and flew to heaven... It feels just like yesterday that I had you next to me... I miss you so much and there's not one day or one minute that you're not on my mind... I love you so much.... XOXO

Just sitting here thinking about you... Everyone was talking about you this past Sunday... They were talking about the good times we had with you and we all laughed- but then again it hit me... That's it!!! For the rest of my life I will not have another minute with you to create a memory.... This is just so difficult for me- I can't even speak to anyone about it because there's not even words to explain how I feel... I miss you my beautiful Grandma- I miss you so much ... ❤

Grandma, I can't believe it's been 6months- that's half of a year that I haven't seen you, had another memory with you, or heard your sweet voice.... I sit here now in your home as it looks the same as you left it and the memories just speed through my mind... But being here is so calming and cozy because it's filled with you... There's still not a day that goes by that I don't have you on my mind... I miss you like CRAZY grandma... Love you!

Grandma, I have you on my mind... I really hate not being able to see you... I look at your pictures and it takes me down memory lane... Yes- the memories are amazing beautiful memories but it hurts because I want you here next to me... There's so much inside I want to say but I don't know how to.... These words are not enough- I could just scream! I just want you with me so bad grandma... You're my everything ❤

My beautiful Grandma Harrison... Today marks 5months since you have gained your wings and flew home... It still feels like yesterday when you took your very last breath... I miss you so much Grandma- I'd do ANYTHING to have you back... I visited your grave today with Briana- it took everything out of me not to fall to my knees and cry my eyes out... I'm going to make your grave look so pretty for you- like how you and I used to make it look nice for grandpa... I love you Grandma- I love you...


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(nee Willett), age 85, of Cleveland, dear wife of the late U.L. "Toots"; beloved mother to Diane Manley (the late Jerry), Bobby Harrison and Billy Harrison; grandmother to Angie, Jerry, Jr., Billy, Jr., Lindsey, Kelly, Cora, Ryan, Jamie and Tyler; Great-Grandmother of 17;...

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