Katherine Jackson

Tampa, Florida

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Your beautiful daughter has remained in my heart and mind because you choose to share her and keep her memory alive. I spoke to you a few years ago when my son had an accident and suffered a TBI - your words to me were very comforting and I will never forget that. Please continue to share Katherine's memory with those of us who will never forget her. May God Bless all of her family.

May the love of friends and family carry you through your grief.

Tom and Debbie,

I too look forward to reading your sweet and melodious words that keeps little Katie fresh in our memories. Your words just make my heart fill with sadness and yet I can feel her presence still here with us. What a wonderful gift you have with words and we're blessed that you continue to share them with us. I have never met your family, but I feel a closeness that your sweet words have brought me.

May GOD be with you always,

Jerline Burney,...

Katie & Debbie....two beauties!

Debbie & Tom...I can only imagine the pain you have felt over the years. Like everyone else, I enjoy reading your tribute to your lovely daughter and shed a tear. I know her loss was tragic event in your life, but this event did bring us back together again. I treasure our friendship everyday. Thank you Debbie & Tom for all that you do to make us all SMILE! Love, Denise & Mike

Oh Tom - your gift with words paints Katie so vivdly; the Katie we all knew and loved. Every year, a small heart on my calendar reminds me of this day; but more so, takes me back to a time when we were all so young and fresh and laughing and learning... Our children, so precious, so prized. All of our everydays were devoted to their care and activities and well-being. The sadness I feel on this day is nothing compared to your and Debbie's, but know that we DO care, and remember and love...

Dear Debbie and Tom~
Every year I read your beautiful tribute to your daughter and I cry every year. Your words are so moving. I wish I could do something to ease the pain. Love to you all
Donna Maggio

Every year your beautiful memorial to gorgeous Katie brings me to tears. Joe and I always think of all of you on February 6. Give Debbie, Elizabeth and Christopher extra hugs today xoxo

I would have loved to have met your Katie, but by having gotten to know and love Debbie, I can imagine the joy and beauty this lovely young girl inherited...beautiful words so eloquently written by her loving father. God Bless those she left behind.

You guys are always in my heart. Wishing you peace. All my love,


Katherine's Memoriam

KATHERINE LEIGH "KATIE" JACKSON AUG 8, 1985-FEB. 6, 1997 An anniversary of incomprehensible sorrow turns 16 today. Bittersweet 16 thrums in the background, the ceaseless soundtrack of our lives. Time does not heal, exactly, but it dulls the agony. We are no longer unaccustomed to...

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