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Kenneth Bisbee

Ridgefield, Washington

1953 - 2019


August 24, 2019
Ridgefield, Washington


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Northwood Park Funeral Home, Cemetery & Mausoleum Obituary

Kenneth Bisbee June 19, 1953 - August 24, 2019 Ken Bisbee passed away peacefully on August 24, 2019 in Clackamas, Oregon. He was born at Hamilton Air Force Base, California on June 19, 1953. He later moved to Germany with his parents and brother Tim and lived there for three years before...

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Thank you for initiating this second opportunity to reminisce about Ken.

My association with Ken was back in our twenties. At which time we were at WSU where as students we first connected. Amazingly, he was always laser-focused on becoming a second grade teacher. Whereas most the rest of us were unsure and changing majors frequently. Not Ken, everything he studied, even electives, was geared towards making himself a better instructor. From all accounts he proved most effective at...

I am so sorry to read about Ken's passing. He and I were undergraduate students together at Washington State University way back in the early '70's. What a dynamic explosion of vitality and personality he was! I can remember him leaping around the dorm room while lip-synching Barbra Streisand. At other times I would be his audience as he rehearsed an oral interpretation assignment. It would always be delivered with pathos and flair. He was so much fun to be around.

For several...

Ken and I go way back, to Novato High School. We were best friends. Dance well Ken, until we meet again.

Such a phenomenal teacher. I will never forget him.

Mr. Bisbee was an amazing teacher! He took time out to help those who were behind like I was. He's the reason I started to love reading!I was way behind and by the time I left his class I was above grade level. I'll never forget what a great teacher he was!

Nancy, when the weeping times abate or lessen, growing in gratitude for sharing a life with such a one as Ken will return hopefully with joy and thanksgiving. Such a long time ago we were 'teamed' it was in the beginning of you and Ken. This sadness with his passing so young is a shock. You are loved. Connie Roach

I am so sorry by the death of Kenneth. God gives comfort to his family.
Lenora Ackers.

I grew up going to debate tournaments with my stepmom who was a coach and learning and laughing from Mr. Bisbee. To his wife Nancy and all of their lovely children, my deepest condolences to you as i know there is no way to replicate the light that Ken brought into this world. Thank you Mr. Bisbee for always treating me with kindness and for making me love debate so much once it was my turn to join in on the fun. It was always a delight to be around you, even if you were correcting my public...

We are so very sorry to hear about Ken's passing, Nancy. Please know that we are praying for your family's comfort after this devastating loss. In THE RETURN OF THE KING, Tolkien says, I will not say: do not weep; for not all tears are evil. May your grief be wrapped in memories that soften the pain of grief and some of your tears be joyful, when you think on good times you have shared with Ken.