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Lawrence Victor Oakes III

Duluth, Minnesota

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I feel priveleged to have worked side by side with such a wonderful man ,true friend Larry you were to me . You always made an ordinary day at work seem much more than just ordinary . We had a lot of fun didn't we , I know I did ..thanks to you. May you find peace and comfort my friend. God Bless

Larry was so tuned in, so sensitive to his surroundings,,,he really lived life on a higher plane than most of us. Rest in peace, Larry. We already miss you. With love and hugs, Doris Pride

From camp look for me
rounding a point. Wave
to share coffee,
or a Scotch.
Or just wave as I paddle on.

For Patty, Mike, Amy and Hilary,
He took off east one morning
In the rising sun's red glow
She knew he was going nowhere
But of course she let him go
As she stood and watched him dwindle
Much too empty to be sad
He reappeared beside her and said,
"you're all I've ever had"
– Harry...

Larry Oakes never did anything halfway. Whether it was chasing a story, laying a kitchen floor, or expounding on Hemingway, he was always completely engaged and fully present. When you were around him, Larry had this gift of making you feel that regardless of whatever else he had going on in his life at that exact moment, talking to you was his top priority. And it wasn't just an act; he meant it. It was one of the many things that made him a terrific listener and storyteller, and it was...

Larry was among the most sweet souls I've met. It was a pleasure to know him and to work with him whenever we had stories to pitch his way. His passing is a great loss to our community and even more to his family.

I first met Larry in the early 90s when he was covering a trial in Bemidji, where I was a journalism professor at BSU. He was so kind and helpful to me and we became friends. He spoke to my students and inspired them to be the best they could be. He was such a good man, and I will miss him a lot.

Larry was one of those people who, when you walked away from a conversation with, working on a project or an assignment with, feeling his indelible, vivid presence. You could just hear his voice, feel his energy, passion and humor. Every reflection on Larry always brought to mind these traits. I had the privilege of working with Larry at the Star Tribune and I just loved it. He brought such verve and drive to everything he did and that characteristic fed all of us and made us work harder and...

A beautiful sole now has wings

More than 20 years ago, when Larry was about 31 but looked younger and seemed older, he patiently taught me and other UMD journalism students about Strunk and White's edict to "omit needless words." With patient persistence and good humor, he put our sentences about Duluth City Council meetings on a chalkboard and engaged us as peers in the process of making every word do a job or go away. Every time I write or edit anything I am conscious of him.

I only talked to him...


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