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You helped create the rock anthem of my generation. We used to blare In-A-Godda across our fire base speakers in Viet Nam. It always got our blood running !!

A genuine giant of the bass guitar, with all the contrapuntal melodicism of James Jamerson. I turned on to the Butterfly when I was a kid and have stuck with them ever since (and that's a LONG time at this point). If any of Lee's family members happen to read this, I offer my sincere condolences.

Happy 71st Birthday Lee. We all miss you.

10-15-05 Cotee River Bike Fest New Port Richey FL

Bumming... Just heard. Gonna rib Charlie and Ron for not letting me know. Doug, if ya can read me... Thanks, can't help but think you helped make me who I am. Best to you as you find what ever is next. The world has surely lost one of the best. So glad I've had the pleasure to know you. Mike in CT.

Lee, Your music will always be a fine addition to our lives. Hope you are jamming with Erik, Rhino and even Daryl up there. You all made Iron Butterfly great beyond words.

My first real rock concert was Iron Butterfly at Agg Hall at the Allentown Fairgrounds, 4/25/69. I was mesmorized and will NEVER forget it. Lee was an integral part of a band that has influenced me to this day. Thanks big guy.


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