Photo courtesy of Thomson In the Park Funeral Home and Cem

Linda Dawn Sample

Winnipeg, Manitoba

May 27, 1953 – Dec 12, 2015


Thomson In the Park Funeral Home and Cem Obituary

It is with extreme sadness that we announce the passing of Linda Dawn Sample (nee Parker) while in the warm embrace of her family, on December 12, 2015. Linda leaves behind loving husband Bob, sons Steven (Natalie), Stewart (Judy), and grandchildren Mackenzie, Kayla, Parker and Alexis. Also...

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My sister, Bonnie, was visiting one day and asked me if I had ever felt Linda's presence since she passed away. I told her of an event that occurred on December 12, 2015, the day that Linda left us.

I arrived home from the hospital and took the dogs for a walk. I was walking the dogs alone through the forest path that runs through our development. At one point a deer stepped out onto the path. The deer stood perfectly still on the path as we approached. It kept its gaze...

Words on Grieving
Good morning Bob. I hope you can find the energy to go out and TRY and enjoy. Unfortunately, your words and your situation is a place that I know very well and still do. You can find yourself wandering the house aimlessly without purpose. You can drive from point A to Point B and barely remember the drive. Your mind is always with your loved one.

There are many triggers that happen through out each day that give will you a sign of Linda, it could be a song...

When Linda was three years old she would always sing "Love and Marriage". She learned the song off the radio and would sing along when she heard it.

You are always in my thoughts every day!

love Mom

I was so sorry to hear of Linda's passing while we were visiting family in Calgary over the holidays. Our group of Bomber fans all enjoyed many years together in both the old and new stadium. That beautiful smile and wonderful personality will be sorely missed, but I know she will be still cheering from above and watching over all her loved ones. Bob, my sincere sympathy to you and your family in your loss.

Although life has continued on, it is still with a sense of something not yet real. Linda was my sister by choice; she literally pulled me into the Parker family unconditionally, with the knowledge that as her sister-in-law, I was truly a sister in every sense. We shared life events, more times by phone than in person, but nonetheless we shared and for that I am grateful to her. Linda kept our east coast family an active part of her life, and vice versa. Our children grew up together,...

Linda was the Aunt who knew just how to brighten your day, even in the most roundabout ways. During one of our family visits, I noticed an uncomfortable feeling on my back. With Linda watching I carefully removed an extra shirt bunched into a ball that had been lodged between my current shirt and the sweater I wore. Linda couldn't stop laughing, and even though it was at my embarrassment her laughter was infectious and we were all soon laughing till our sides hurt. Love came easily to Linda,...

Life continues but nothing can take away the memories you have of a loved one. I will cherish all those memories I have of Linda and envy all who were able to spend so much time with her. I wish I could have had more. I will miss her laughter, her sense of humour and her presence in a room full of people. Miss my big sister.

A few of the things I will miss about my Grandma are the crafts she did with us, the sleepovers we had with her, walks with her and the dogs, and the times she played Mario with me. She spoiled us by giving us treats, and taking us on fun trips like the Zoo, Nature's Playground, and The Forks. We had such a blast doing all these things.

One time when we took the dogs to the groomer, we were just leaving from dropping them off, and Grandma got really annoyed at the guy in front of...

I will always love my grandma. I will always miss my grandma. I will always care about her and I will always remember her.

She did so many awesome things with me, like crafting, playing games, and long walks with Molly and Pepper. She made the best grilled cheese sandwiches after our long walks with the dogs. I loved our sleepovers with grandma.

I love you so much grandma.