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Lindsay Coates Herkness III

New York, New York


New York, New York


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Man About Wimbledon
There are few bons vivants who work for a living, and should you doubt that Lindsay C. Herkness III, senior vice president at Morgan Stanley, was among them, you have only to consider his Christmas cards, showing Mr. Herkness in top hat at Ascot, or at Wimbledon, being hustled away by two bobbies. The captions reflected his humor, too. "I only recommended to Her Majesty that she fund an IRA account," read the Wimbledon card.

Fun-loving Lindsay. There was never a cloud in his sky, his old friend Bunny Whiteley said. He lived in the Upper East Side of Manhattan in a "totally male" apartment. He was witty and charming. Women adored him. Even the way he got into the business made an amusing tale: He was fresh out of business school, gave an investment seminar on a cruise ship in exchange for free passage, and at the end of the cruise a dozen well-heeled widows beseeched him to manage their funds. Two true loves, in addition to business and the ladies, were the Union Club and his basset, Beauregard Hound.

Ms. Whiteley said it was Mr. Lindsay's decision not to leave the building. "We understand that when the plane struck -- he was around the 70th floor -- his statement was, 'This is the strongest building in America,' and he went back to his desk."

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For many years I worked with and knew various people who knew Lindsey. Every year I would see the Christmas cards he would send out to mutual friends/colleagues. Always humorous. Every year he would have a big birthday party for Beauraguard his Basset hound. You were someone if you were invited to that. One day a friend of mine was speaking to him on the phone and passed the phone to me to say hello to him. I said "this is the legendary Lindsey Herkness"! He laughed. He...

Lindsey did not die in vain that sad day 18 years ago. RIP sir.

Lindsay my thoughts and prayers are with you ...may you rest in peace from this horrific tragedy....

My thoughts are always with you, on September 11th. What a great tragedy, we have all sustained, to have lost you, dear Lindsay, on 9/11.

I pray for you everyday.

I have been wearing your mercy band for 18 years. Please know that I pray for you, as well as all the others whose lives were lost. My third grade class will now add you to their prayers. Rest in peace.

Oh, Lindsey how I would enjoy discussing politics with you, at this moment, in history.

You would, I am certain, find great irony and humor, in a Trump presidency.

You will always be missed...

Rita Boncompagni Ludovisi

It was a honor to work with you at Morgan Stanley , you were one of a kind..

Another year passes, and I think of you again. No day will erase your mark on this earth.