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thought of you often since that day in summer '13 when I read the news.remember exactly where I was--and I sat stunned-- Thanks for the laughs up in Galax--we could really get each other going--laughing so hard I was spittin out food tryin to eat that slop while listenin to your stories. glad I got to spend a season of your life w you up there in those Virginia Hills and I cherish the memories-. God Bless your family and friends-kid--they must miss you every day--i see you soon--i reckon

R. I. P. Beautiful Girl.

We miss you.
Just watched you on a That 70s Show rerun.
You were the best, I wish you never left the show when you did.
There can be only 1 and it was you.
Rest in Peace

Godspeed Lisa, and thank you for sharing a part of your life with us.

I am very sorry for your loss but I know something
that can help you its at 1 TIMOTHY 2;4 and it says whose will is that all sorts of people be saved and come to an accurate knowledge of truth.I hope this
helped you and your family...
I wish the best for your family.

To Lisa Robin Kelly,
You were a very talented actress. You did a great job playing the character of Laura Foreman on the sitcom that 70's show. My prayers go to your family. Lisa Weiner

I loved Laurie forman

Memories of you go back to our childhood. I will always cherish you in my memories and the times we shared. I will miss you -JB


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