Louis Steven Inghilterra

New Castle, New York


Buttoned-Up Rocker
When Louis Steven Inghilterra's colleagues at Fiduciary Trust first met him, they were impressed, and a bit intimidated. "They said, `He seemed so buttoned-up!' " recalled Diane, his wife of five years. "His reports were so precise!"

But when they got to know him, they discovered another side — a man who had been playing guitar and bass with a rock band for 30 years, on stage and, more recently, with friends at his home, and who idolized Frank Zappa.

Mr. Inghilterra himself could not decide which of his personas to devote his heart to — the loose-and-wild rock musician or the 45-year-old snap-tight organized treasurer of Fiduciary. "He was torn," said Mrs. Inghilterra. "He'd made it — a kid from Brooklyn and Queens College, up there with boys from Yale and Harvard." His success made him proud and provided security, she said, but sometimes he talked of giving it up, of starting his own business.

Meanwhile, he collected guitars and records and took joy in 2-year-old Sam — who, Mrs. Inghilterra said, shows every sign, too, of being precisely organized and wild and rocking. "Sam would stand in front of the stage when Louis was playing and working his way around, watching every instrument," she said. "He liked playing the drums. But when he knew it was time for Daddy to come home, he would get out all his blocks and color-code them."

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Not sure what to say?

I took the Q20x Express bus to Manhattan with Louis in Rosedale Queens for many years. Then he was in a Rock Band and had much longer hair. He would crack jokes to break the silence on the bus and I would struggle with my homework. After awhile he would come over and offer a solution. He was also a math genius. It's so ironic that he died young since his father did also. My heartfelt sympathies to his family.

My name is Gina Malito Papandrea. I had the honor to work with Mr.Inghilterra for about 2 years. He was my boss, I was very intimidated by him especially at first, but as time went by he would crack a joke or he would speak Of his son and wife, you could see the soft side and the gleam in his eyes as he spoke of them. The morning of Sept 11. I was in the office early. My one regret is not being able to remember if I saw him, or if we spoke. I think we did, but it's part of my memory I can't...

To you, Louie...may you rest in peace...ML

I went to Holy Cross for two years with Louie, and he was a gem. I moved away and we lost touch. After all the years I looked him up to see what and how he was doing and was greatly saddened to read about his passing in the 9-11 attack. He had a great sense of humor, including the day he put the rubber dog poop on Mr. Larkin's desk. Mr. Larkin was NOT amused. I pray that his family is and does well.

The name of your loved one is featured in my video (A Visit to the WTC MEMORIAL). I thought you might want to take a look. It's a peaceful tribute to those who lost their lives that day. Thank you and God Bless...



not sure if you still check this board.

i hope you and Sam are both doing well.

just wanted to drop a note telling you that you, Sam and Louis are still in our thoughts and prayers.

take good care.

with love and respect,


My younger sister Mary went to school with Louis and I traveled the Q20x Express Bus in Rosedale with him for 8 years in the 1980's. He looked like a rocker back then with long curly hair. He was always a gentlemen and working for Bessimer Trust at the time. I would do my homework on the Bus to Manhattan and Louis would help me when I got stumped. I lost contact with him after I married and moved away. In 1998, Louis was quoted in the "Investors Business Daily", a highly...

Dear Ms. Inghilterra:
My son, Jack is in Sam's class. He was telling us Sam is a really nice, funny kid. He told us that Sam is always ready to help someone else. Jack was telling us about how Sam talks about his dad. Jack wanted to see a picture of Sam's dad. We would glad to find this. Good bless you and Sam. Holly Dollinger