Mary Leal

Rodeo, California

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Mrs. Leal was one of the most energetic, good-hearted, good-spirited people I've known. She always made me laugh and just thinking about her now is bringing making me smile. My thoughts and prayers go out to the whole family.

I will always remember Nonny as a little bundle of perpetually happy energy who loved her family more than anything else. Even though I lived far away growing up, she would never forget to send a card and maybe a small check for my birthday and other special occasions. I know how many other grandkids she had to keep track of which made it all the more special. I can't tell you how many times she "apologized" for not being able to write bigger checks as if it even mattered. I...

Had the pleasure of meeting Nonny about 10 or so yrs ago. Lynne brought her with for a haircut while visiting IL. She looked great..peppy, talkative and really had it all together,had a great time at the beauty shop! Lynne kept me up on how she was doing these past years. My prayers to your family and many lasting and good memories.
Cathy Kmoch (Lynne's hairstylist IL)

Miss You Nonny! Pappy and you are together now! Love You,Todd.

Nonny and her tomato's

Missing you Nonny!! Give Pappy & Mom a big kiss for me! Love Marlee

I'll always remember Aunt Mad's Christmas cookies in a decorated oatmeal box (I bet she had plenty after
feeding 5 kids plus kids she babysat).
They were beautiful and delicious and, I am told, were a production line product that all the kids helped with.
I remember kids sitting on the stairs
for punishment and closets full of beautiful clothes passed down and remade for the next girl. I remember
trying to pitch in and help like everybody did in that house and...

Nonny, Tami, and Madeline

I think we all have our funny "Nonny" stories! The one I laugh about the most is when we went to SF on our annual Christmas shopping trip and Aunt Jan picked up a hitch hiker, who had a grungy pair of jeans on with a yellow caution sign sewn to the crotch of his pants. He casually mentioned, after climbing in the car, that he had a gun! Nonny had a long umbrella with the pointed metal end. She reached over and stuck the tip of the umbrella in his crotch and started scolding him. ...

Love You,Nonny!Your in my thoughts! Todd Leal

Nonny was known as Speed Racer!

Dear Nonny,I have many great memmories of you racing around in your car and especially when the tires broke traction as you rounded the corner for home,cutting the corner because you were always in a hurry!! I fixed and repaired all of your cars after accidents so many times I kept your paint in stock at my bodyshop because I knew you would be back soon!(Well Pappy wrecked a few cars too that I fixed but Nonny was a steady customer and kept me busy!!)Bless You Nonny,You were always a kind...


Mary's Obituary

Mary Madeline Leal "Nonny" Jul. 2, 1916 - Mar. 31, 2013 Resident of Rodeo, CA Mary Madeline Leal passed away Easter Sunday, at age 96. Born to the late Joseph and Maria Machado, July 2, 1916, in Sacramento. The Machado descendents were a pioneering family in the Natomas area,...

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