Mary Rubina Sperando

New York, New York


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Her First Trade Show
Mary Rubina Sperando managed her different roles with an easy grace: working days, going to school at night for her master's degree, modeling on the side, while staying close to her parents, her cousins, her friends. "She was professional, organized and beautiful, inside and out," said her cousin, Catherine Lamonica. "She did for everyone, and she was always grace under fire."

Ms. Sperando, 39, known to almost everyone as Mitzi, loved the job she got last summer, as director of marketing and communications at Encompys, a high-tech company. Her poised presence in the office was hard to miss: even in the August heat, her colleagues remember, the new marketing director always made an impeccable fashion statement.

She was excited about her first trade show for the company ‹ Sept. 11, at the World Trade Center ‹ and so proud of the new sign for the Encompys booth that she invited the whole office to a 4 p.m. unveiling celebration, where as usual, she brought and served her favorite cheesecake, from Junior's.

"You name the bakery, the candy shop, she knew where it was," said her cousin. "She loved to share whatever she found."

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Forever in our hearts.

Mitzi will always be in my memory and most especially on these anniversaries. She is in heaven and I look forward
to seeing her again when I too am gone from this life.

Rest in peace Mary. Still thinking about you!!! 18 years ago today your beautiful soul departed for the heavens.
Loving you always!!!

Mary appeared in one of my dreams before i woke up this morning. She looked as fashionable and stylish as ever. It was so nice to experience that vision of her beautiful self. Her soul, the essence of who she is, is alive and i will meet her in the higher realms when my time on earth is over. May God bless Mary.

I still think about her very often. She now exists on another realm, and i will meet her there when it is time.

We still remember and miss you Mitzi.

May you Rest In Peace. Your light still shines brightly on this earth.

I can't believe 17 years have already gone by since the tragic events that took place exactly 17 years ago today. It's been 17 years since Mary our angel has left this earth. Not a day goes in which I don't think of her. This world lost a great soul on that day when her soul moved on to the higher realms. She is a precious soul now being looked after by God.

I love you Mitzi. Always.

Mary, I knew you as a sweet, shy, smart girl at Woods Road Elementary School.
I think
Of you every year at this time.
Rest In Peace
Peace and Closure to your family.
Gone but not Forgotten