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Avon Park, Florida

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Was just sitting here thinking of the so many times you would Protect my Brittany like she was your Little sister and basically she was, she loved you like a big brother and I sit and recount the times watching you and my children grow together so many years Matt you are missed I can honestly say that i feel like mama connie to you and so many kids I have watched grow up and My heart breaks that you wont be here physically in spirit next month As Brittany gets Married but you will be in...

Matt. I think of you often as so many deaths have affected our small town. I'm sure you've shown the newest angels around and you all are riding free... I've lived you add a son and I just wanted you to know that I miss you..

Matt, my prayers are not for you because you are in a safe, beautiful place of peace and light, my prayers now are for those you've left behind, who miss you every day, and whose lives will never be quite the same, Your knowledge is so much greater than when you were here on earth, and you know the ones who still need to be comforted by you, Continue to protect and watch over them...With love.

It's been only five months and two others have joined you in eternity. Your house is now filled with other people, and your belongings now mostly dispersed. But your in my heart and thoughts every day. Those that love you still write on your page and visit your grave. Your friends have adopted us as family. Jigs still sits by my side as though I were you. Your still with us, we just can't see you or touch you. I miss your smile and your laugh.I love you forever.

Matt just so u know things haven't gotten any easier since u have been gone... we have had a lot of tears shed, laughs, plenty of anger, and lord knows enough beer for a life time... you have left a lasting impression on everyone's heart and soles... we love u now and forever in our hearts... thank you for allowing all if us to be a part of your lives and now your mom and dads... she and Dad have gained so many kids we all love them dearly... love u Matt... bobby misses u so much... peace of...

Matthew touches so many lives with genuine love...but, none so much as his mother. Matthew was & is the breath of authenticity, making the best of life's journeys presented to him. His presence in flesh was great because he was present for life...just as he is present for "spirit"...Our Father wanted his presence with him, and so it is. I imagine the angelic choir he is now surrounded with...I imagine him walking with Jesus and exploring the joy and wonder of shedding his flesh....

Matt, you will be remembered fondly, and missed by family and friends alike. You were a great guy, with much tenderness inside your soul. Praying that you can help Mandi in a way you couldn't before, from an exalted position in the heavens! You are loved!!

Shine on son, Shine on! More stories come everyday to my ears of your protection of others, helping the wounded, and loving everyone. Shine on! Mom


Matthew's Obituary

BILLINGS, Matthew Stokes, 28 of Avon Park, died Sunday night, April 21, 2013 at his home. He was native of Ft. Lauderdale, FL moving here in 1995. He worked as a plumber with his father, Jim Whipkey. He was an avid motorcycle rider and Vice President of the Warlocks, Sebring Chapter. He enjoyed...

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