Maurice McAuliffe

Crockett, California

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He is watching over his family and loved ones. His love and his energy will always be strong and ever present.

Very sad to hear about the passing of Mr. McAuliffe. As I saw some old friends on FB, it lead me here. I always called Mr. M "a greek god" as he always reminded me of one. His nose, his face, his eyes...but his smile? I will never ever forget. He had a hard time keeping me quiet and focused in art class at JSHS but he kept on me to do my best and I found a love for art and creating that I have never forgotten. One of the best teachers I've ever had, always helpful and a huge heart,...

RIP. Mr. McAuliffe, you are part of the universe as we all will be someday.

I am really late, I guess it takes time for news to drift Eastward toward the Midwest. I am glad I could be included. He was the major force in shaping the person I am today. I told him this the last time we met in 1997. (before his retirement in 2000?). I obviously surprised him by my comment because he cast me one of his famous side looks (LOL). I have always remembered his warning to us to "never prostitute your work." I am extremely saddened at his passing, but alas....I hope he...

I am a little late here but wanted to send my condolences. I took ART with Mr.MCauliffe from 1976 to 1980. My favorite class. He got the best out of me. From the eye to the hand to the pencil to the page! He was a great teacher and friend. It is great to see all the comments here. I too still have many of my Art projects and they have graced my walls. RIP Mr. MCAULIFFE. Class of 80!

He gave us the total freedom to express ourselves through art the only way we knew how. He was a great art teacher and friend.

To a teacher that left a lasting impression. You taught me to appreciate art. You were a good friend to your students. Thank you VitaMan! You will be missed.

My Art teacher that is still with me as my Art unfolds today. The man who believed in me, who said you can do it, don't worry so much on perfection just let it flow. I learned that art happens when the valves are open to the vision and not to the imperfections. He will always be in my heart.
Favorite qoute: Just because there is snow on the roof doesnt mean there is no fire in the furnace.
Live laugh and love
Dream as if you'll live forever live as if you'll die today.

Maurice McAuliffe was a neighbor. The father of two boyhood friends. As a child I was sometimes fearful or awestruck by the passion he exhibited, whether it was art, working on his TR4, or keeping the neighborhood kids in line. On several occasions he commented and encouraged my attempts at artistic endeavors; something, if not meant, would not have been said by Maurice. I never forgot. Thank you and R.I.P.

Robert F Johnson, Sykesville, MD


Maurice's Obituary

Maurice F. McAuliffe Feb. 12, 1936 - Apr. 7, 2013 Resident of Crockett Maurice passed away on April 7. He was born in San Francisco on February 12, 1936, to Francis and Pearl McAuliffe. He attended San Francisco schools, eventually graduating from California College of Arts & Crafts. He...

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