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Toronto, Ontario


MERLIN MARION ANDREW September 19, 1915 - October 19, 2013 Daughter of the late John Burford Wallace Andrew and Eva Mary Andrew (nee Nichols). Merlin was born and educated in London, England where she drove an ambulance during the Blitz. Immediately following WWII, she joined the United Nations...

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Merlin was a wonderful person to work with who bridged many movements for a better world. She welcomed people and encouraged them to try a little harder to make their own contributions to the world.

I met Merlin many years ago, during the hunger strike outside of the Heart & Stroke Foundation, to speak out for the animals that were being used in horrendous vivisection experiments. She was one of my early heros and I marvel still at her ability to use the right words on behalf of animals. RIP Merlin, you have surely done your part for this tired old world.

Merlin was an amazing woman fighting fearlessly and tirelessly in the uphill battle for the welfare of animals. She had an amazing use of the English language and combined with a sharp tongue she could strike fear into those who were in a position to help the animals but were found wanting. Be at peace.

Any person knowing and working with my dear internet friend Mary Alice Pollard is also special to me. After reading about your life, I must say, I wish I had met you and gotten to know you. Mary Alice and I have known each other more than 15 years, taking on the Internet even at 2 am in the morning! What a wonderful couple too! Unfortunately we have never met face to face, someday I hope, I love them so. I do know if any can fill in your work with animals, Mary will certainly fill your shoes...

You spoke so eloquently and strode forward so bravely for those with no voice, that the abusers harm. The harp seals on Canada's ice floes, the cats without a home, the wolves, the foxes, the deer, every one of them had a friend in you, Merlin. At the beginning of each ARKII protest we will remember you.

We go back so far, not just in our work for the rights of animals, everywhere, but as friends. I treasure every moment, the memories of our pounding the pavements together, lobbying, press conferences and when I moved, our letters and phone calls back and forth always putting the world to right! I will miss your friendship. Thank you for the years you have given and know that your work will continue on through every one of us. And I know that from the heavens you will be guiding us and...

God bless Merlin! I will sincerely miss our correspondance

Goodbye my dear friend. I will miss you.
much love xxxGail and Roxy