Mieke Frankenberg


LOS ANGELES (AP) - Jane Seymour's mother has died, Seymour's publicist said. She was 92.

Mieke Frankenberg died Monday in Hillington, England of complications from a stroke, said publicist Dick Guttman.

Seymour, a contestant on "Dancing With the Stars," would not attend Tuesday's results show, as she planned to travel to England.

"She was ageless and had the spirit of a lively, effervescent, enthusiastic 21-year-old and only her body let her down," the actress said in a statement.

Seymour said her mother was born in Holland and lived in Indonesia during World War II, where she spent more than three years in a Japanese concentration camp. After that, she moved to England, married a doctor, John Frankenberg, and had three daughters. Her husband died in 1990.

"She had been through it all, seen horrors up close and chose to see the light and love of God and mankind in every aspect of life," Seymour said.

Besides Seymour, Frankenberg was survived by her younger daughters Anne Gould, a homeopathic doctor, and Sally Frankenberg, a travel executive.

Seymour, 56, starred in the television series "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" and dozens of other TV movies and shows.

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Not sure what to say?

May the God of comfort and tender mercies continue to comfort you and your family.

Know that very shortly death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things will have passed away.

Please accept my sincere condolences.

D. Clark

Dear Sally. Ann and Jane,

Aunt Mieke was a very special woman. It was always a joy to speak with her. She had a very positive personality.She reminds me of my grandmother.

Lots off love,

Pauline Grootjes

The Netherlands

Dear Sally, Anne and Jane.

We always enjoyed the company of tante Mieke very much, when we visited Hillingdon.
Tante Mieke knew my grandmother Juliana Everwijn for a long time.

Best regards,

Hello Sally , Anne and Jane
I do hope you are still reading the tributes to you mother. I have very fond memories of her and of what a kind and generous person she was. She and John played a large part in the Burton family life for many years and were a great support to them in their troubled times.I know that Nancy as her god-daughter has paid her tribute,but just wanted to add mine Jill Burton

Dear Jane, Sally and Ann,
I was thinking of Aunty Mieke last night which prompted me for some reason to look her up on the net. I am devestated to see that she's passed away.
I have the most wonderful memories of her and Uncle John, and I feel honoured to have had her as my god-mother. I used to love going to the house with my dad, who as you probably know has also passed away. It felt that there were always wonderful things happening around Aunty Mieke, and her warmth and kindness...

Dear Jane, Anne and Sally

don.t know where to start, but reading this and seeing her photo...pfff...my condolences , what al great loss.
I just came from the attic in my folks house and came along all the letters I wrote home to my family while staying with your parents as au pair.

send my love to all of you.

Hallo Jane, wat geweldig dat je je moeder zo lang mocht hebben....ik heb haar vandaag in dr. quinn in the circkle mogen zien.. geweldige uitstraling had ze...

God Bless you and youre family
greetings from een woman in Holland

Jane I am so sorry to hear about your Mother's Death.

i Am Praying for you still.

Love Lauren Kneeland

PS Give Me a call any time.

My House # is 1-508-987-5004