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Millard Gilreath Jr.

Bellevue, Nebraska

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We all miss you

It's been years since that gloomy day papa. And not a day goes by, where I don't sit in my room, and cry. I always wish for u to come back home. Everything has changed so much since you left. It's been so hard on me... on all of us. If only I spent more time with you and grandmama. I miss when we'd have chocolate pie and you'd always say "ok, you all share one piece, and I'll take the rest. Oh.... how I miss those sunny days full of laughter and smiles. I want my papa back. Sadly I...

Dad, It's been three years since I saw you draw your last breath. So much has changed, but I remain consistent and resilient in the face of difficult and unimaginable challenges...just as you would. I stand firm. Your provided a legacy of decency and appropriateness which I work to instill and reinforce. I'm saddened by the thoughts of you not being available, but joyful in knowing you are complete happy.

2 years ago, I went to see the Bengals play the Chargers on this...

Random time to miss you badly...but I do. On the eve of my little girls returning to Nebraska, how I wish you were there to reinforce and stabilize. I'm doing my best, I'm not compromising. There were things that were unacceptable to you and you made it clear. I am doing the same and referring to God's word for the reason...not opinion. I carry that sense of clarity with me, even though the future is murky...I know how to make a decision. You'd be proud of the girls, how lovely they are...

Dad and Leslie

What a great photo of you and Leslie. It deserves to be on the Wall of Fame :)

Two years ago today. I miss you dad, and wish you were here. Thanks for the promise you left behind. We have done our best to honor you.

One year is looming large. December 1 will mark that day and I will be watching the Bengals play at San Diego. Dad, they HAVE to win...It's somehow fitting I find myself at a Bengals game...LIVE...on this anniversary. I miss you...not a day goes by when there is not some thought of you an some wish to talk to you. I'll see you in heaven someday...hopefully not soon...but soon enough. I miss and love you.

A couple of difficult events the past few days..."lefty" winning the British Open nd not being able to talk through it...and tonight, Ohio State and Michigan for 2012 was replayed...that was the last game we watched...under difficult circumstances...missing chips away at me

On the eve of Father's Day, I feel very strange. I so not know what to do, feel or say...I have not been here before...but I miss you, Dad.

THrough the darkest times you led me back. THrough every pain you helped me heal. Through every sorrow you carried me through. Life is too different without you. I should've known you had left me something to help me and I didn't find it until a couple of days ago. I shall continue to write to you forevermore and hope to one day see you again. Love you!


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