Muriel Siskopoulos

Brooklyn, New York


Brooklyn, New York


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Always Checking on Family
Muriel Siskopoulos's hobby was knitting for her son, three daughters and two grandsons. She made herself a sweater once, but didn't like it and gave it away. She never knitted anything for her husband, Mark, but he didn't complain. "She spoiled them," Mark said. "And I spoiled her. That's the way it went."

Mrs. Siskopoulos, 60, worked as a secretary for Keefe, Bruyette & Woods. A meticulous dresser, she always made sure that her shoes and handbag matched when she left her home in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. She liked to shop, but often bought clothes that were too small just so she could hand them down to her children. She liked to travel, too, but often took the rest of the family along. The Siskopouloses made eight trips to Disney World in the last 10 years, including one last year with their grandchildren.

And no matter where she was, Mrs. Siskopoulos had to check on her family every day. Usually more than once. "She was generous with herself and her time," her husband said. "They were her life."

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You will always be in my memories... always be that stunningly beautiful woman I met as a young child. I could not believe my friend TJ's Mom was soooooo beautiful! I'm sad, but mostly angry for your children and grandchildren, who were deprived of you... xoxoxo

Hello, all. I am a student, and we are creating mini biographies for all victims of 9/11. I was born after this tragedy, but Muriel seems like she was an amazing woman. I am posting the biography here for anyone who would like to read it. Commenting is turned on in this document, so please, if there is something you would like me to add if you see this, please, don't hesitate to let me know. I'll be checking the document periodically, so that I can fix/update it if there are any comments from...

I write this here as a tribute to Murial and also because if there is any family member that sees this could you please contact me at [email protected]

Not wishing to intrude but if possible I do need to speak to a family member about Murial. I know it has been many years but I do feel a need to reach out.

Sending my best on another sad anniversary in 2019.

Blessings and healing to you all.

Kerilyn x

We remember

Never forgotten

This flag is displayed in our yard in memory of Muriel and all the precious lives that were lost on 9-11. We will never forget.

I watched the Memorial service today. Can't believe it is 14 yrs already. I promised myself after 911 that I wouldn't let so much time go by without connecting with family, but it did. After her memorial service life got in the way again. When I saw Muriel's son, I realized how much I want to reconnect with all of you. Muriel was my first cousin. Ann was my dad's (Mac Klein) sister. I loved my Aunt and I loved Muriel. There was an age difference between us but it never mattered when we saw...

God Bless you Muriel.

Remembering you today on the 13th anniversary.

May your memory be eternal.

Dear family of Muriel, We will always remember; we will never forget the loss of innocent life on Sept. 11th, including your loved one, Muriel! Although I never knew your Mom, I will think of her and all of you on each anniversary that passes. I recieved an American Flag with her name displayed on the pole which flew the flag on Art Hill in St. Louis, MO on the 10th anniversary of Sept. 11. There was one flag displayed for each person who lost their life that day. An extraordinary display of...