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July 13, 1936 - Oct 9, 2014 OKLAHOMA CITY Patricia Gibbons, age 78, of Oklahoma City, OK, passed away Thursday, October 9, 2014. Public visitation is scheduled Sunday, 2-7 p.m. with family present 4-6 p.m. Funeral service will be at 2 p.m. Monday at the Moore Funeral Home, 400 S.E....

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Happy. Birthday. Aunt. Pat.
You. Never believe. This. Miss Oklahoman. Won The pageant. I can't believe it. You. Must of had something to do with. It. I. Could. Not. Let. Your. Day pass without saying. Happy birthday. To. You

You. Are. Now. A. Great. Grand mother
I love. You. &. Miss. You. So. Much

Aunt. Pat.
You. Are. Now. A. Great. Grand. Mama. Chad. Had. A. Boy. He. Name. Him. Tucker. I. Wish. You. Could. Be. Here. For. The. Big. Day. But. You're. There. In. Spirit. Thank. You. For. Looking. Out. For. My. Buddy. Alex. I. Will. Always. Love. And. Miss. You

Aunt. Pat
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To. Aunt. Pat
I. Want. To. Wish. You. A. Merry. Christmas. In. Heaven. Love. With. All. My. Heart. Let's. Pray. For. A. Better. New. Year

Aunt. Pat
I'm. In. The. Living. Room. With. John. And. You. Are. Never. Far. From. My. Thoughts. Longing. To. Have. You. Here. Too. My. Heart. Still. Achy. For. You. You. Are. So. Very. Important. To. Me. And. I. Really. Miss. Sharing. My. Life. With. You And. I. Miss. Hearing. Your. Voice. On. The. Telephone. The. Only. Saving. Grace. Is. Knowing. You. Are. With. Dad. And. Uncle. Ralph. And. Even. ...

My. Dearest. Aunt. Pat
Words. Can,t. Express. How. Much. I. Am. Going. To. Miss. You. And. Our. Talks. On. The. Phone, you. Help. Me. So. Much. Over. The years, I. Will. Always. Have. A. Special. Place. In. My. Heart. For. You. Rest. In. Peace Love. Shoo

Aunt. Pat
I'm. Trying. To. Be. Strong. And. Accept. What. Happened but. My. Heart. Is. Breaking. Just. Thinking. About. You. , the. Thought. Of. Not. Talking. To. You. Anymore. It's. So. Hard. To. Bear. But. The. Only. Thing. That. Helps. Is. She. Is free. Of. Pain. And. She. Is. With. Her. Love. Ones. And. One. Day. We. All. Be. Together. Again. And. I. Will. Keep. .her. Memory. Alive. In. My. ...